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"Jawin" redirects here. For the village in Iran, see Jawin, Iran.

The Jawoyn people are a group of Indigenous Australians living in the Northern Territory of Australia.[1]

Their country is around the Katherine Gorge area, which they have always called Nitmiluk, which means place of cicada dreaming.

The Jawoyn are known for an unusual relationship they forged with a local mining corporation. When that corporation wanted to gain access to Jawoyn land, rather than sell the land outright, they instead negotiated to allow the company to use the land for mining. In exchange, they received a number of concessions from the mining group, including commitments towards hiring Aboriginal workers, providing scholarships, and promoting the area as a tourist and environmentalist area.

Jawoyn seasonal calendar[2]
Jiorrk Bungarung Jungalk Malaparr Worrwopmi Wakaringding
January February March April May June July August September October November December
Main part of wet rains Last rains Early hot dry Middle dry Early build-up The build-up
Drying out Cooler Hot and sticky First rains
Burning time

Other spellings[edit]

  • Adowen, Jawan, Jawony, Kumertuo[1]
  • Tjauen, Djouan, Djauun, Jawin, Chau-an, Tweinbol, Djawin, Djawun, Djauwung, Charmong, Djauan[citation needed]

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