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Jeffrey Fayman is a percussionist and composer, best known for his soundtrack work.


In 1977, Fayman drummed in Peter Banks' Empire band, the sessions appearing on the archival Mark II release in 1997.

Fayman has collaborated with King Crimson's Robert Fripp on various occasions, starting with the 2000 album A Temple In The Clouds,[1] while Fripp also guests on the Steve Roach & Jeffrey Fayman release Trance Spirits (2002). Fayman and Fripp are now collaborating on The Human Experimente project re-interpreting early King Crimson music. A single of "21st Century Schizoid Band" was released in 2009 and work is now ongoing on an album, also with Billy Sherwood.

Fayman works for Immediate Music and is a member of Globus with Yoav Goren.


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