Jersey at the 2010 Commonwealth Games

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Flag of Jersey

Jersey competed in the 2010 Commonwealth Games held in Delhi, India, from 3 to 14 October 2010.

Thirty one athletes were named in the team after original nominees Mariana Agathangelou and Elizabeth Cann elected to compete for England instead.[1]

Team Jersey at the 2010 Commonwealth Games[edit]


Swimming pictogram.svg Swimming[edit]

Team Jersey consists of 1 swimmer.

Ian Black

Archery pictogram.svg Archery[edit]

Team Jersey consists of 2 archers.

Micheal Coward, Lucy O'Sullivan

Athletics pictogram.svg Athletics[edit]

Team Jersey consists of 2 athletes.

Zane Duquemin, Kathryn Rothwell

Badminton pictogram.svg Badminton[edit]

Team Jersey consists of 2 badminton players.

Kim Ashton, Solenn Pasturel


Team Jersey consists of 3 cyclists.

Robin Ovenden, Chris Spence, Richard Tanguy.

Bowling pictogram.svg Lawn Bowls[edit]

Team Jersey consists of 12 lawn bowls players over 6 events

Men: Cyril Renouf, Derek Boswell, Allan Quernard, Malcolm De Sousa, John Lowery, Michael Rive.
Women: Sue Noel, Christine Grimes, Helen Greechan, Karina Bisson, Rachel Macdonald, Joan Renouf.

Shooting pictogram.svg Shooting[edit]

Team Jersey consists of 6 shooters.

Bruce Horwood, Daniel Richardson, Steven Le Couilliard, Marc Yates, Andrew De La Haye, Mary Norman.

Squash pictogram.svg Squash[edit]

Team Jersey consists of 3 squash players.

Kate Cadigan, Jeannine Cowie, Michael Hopkins.


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