Jersey at the 2010 Commonwealth Games

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Flag of Jersey

Jersey have announced their intent to compete in the 2010 Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi.

Thirty one athletes were named in the team after original nominees Mariana Agathangelou and Elizabeth Cann elected to compete for England instead.[1]

Team Jersey at the 2010 Commonwealth Games[edit]


Swimming pictogram.svg Swimming[edit]

Team Jersey consists of 1 swimmer.

Ian Black

Archery pictogram.svg Archery[edit]

Team Jersey consists of 2 archers.

Micheal Coward, Lucy O'Sullivan

Athletics pictogram.svg Athletics[edit]

Team Jersey consists of 2 athletes.

Zane Duquemin, Kathryn Rothwell

Badminton pictogram.svg Badminton[edit]

Team Jersey consists of 2 badminton players.

Kim Ashton, Solenn Pasturel


Team Jersey consists of 3 cyclists.

Robin Ovenden, Chris Spence, Richard Tanguy.

Bowling pictogram.svg Lawn Bowls[edit]

Team Jersey consists of 12 lawn bowls players over 6 events

Men: Cyril Renouf, Derek Boswell, Allan Quernard, Malcolm De Sousa, John Lowery, Michael Rive.
Women: Sue Noel, Christine Grimes, Helen Greechan, Karina Bisson, Rachel Macdonald, Joan Renouf.

Shooting pictogram.svg Shooting[edit]

Team Jersey consists of 6 shooters.

Bruce Horwood, Daniel Richardson, Steven Le Couilliard, Marc Yates, Andrew De La Haye, Mary Norman.

Squash pictogram.svg Squash[edit]

Team Jersey consists of 3 squash players.

Kate Cadigan, Jeannine Cowie, Michael Hopkins.


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