Jewel Lake

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For the Canadian provincial park, see Jewel Lake Provincial Park.
Jewel Lake
Jewel Lake Tilden Park.jpg
Location Tilden Regional Park, Contra Costa County, California
Coordinates 37°54′46″N 122°16′11″W / 37.91278°N 122.26972°W / 37.91278; -122.26972Coordinates: 37°54′46″N 122°16′11″W / 37.91278°N 122.26972°W / 37.91278; -122.26972
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Wildcat Creek
Primary outflows Wildcat Creek
Basin countries United States

Jewel Lake is a former reservoir and artificial lake along Wildcat Creek, a small stream in Northern California in Tilden Regional Park.[1] It is located in the Wildcat Canyon between the Berkeley Hills and Sobrante Ridge Hills[1] in an unincorporated area closest to Richmond and Kensington, California geographically and Berkeley accessibly. A wooden raised walkway built in the 1970s runs over marshland to the south of the lake. The dam and abandoned flood control machinery are visible at the north end of the lake.

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