Jimmy LaSalvia

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Jimmy LaSalvia
Born James Michael LaSalvia Jr.
(1970-12-15) 15 December 1970 (age 44)
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Nationality American
Alma mater Black Hills State University
Occupation Commentator & speaker, political strategist
Political party Independent (2014-present)
Republican (until 2014)[1][2]
Website jimmylasalvia.com

Jimmy LaSalvia (born December 15, 1970) is an American political figure. LaSalvia is the co-founder and former executive director of GOProud, a defunct U.S. political action group.[3][4][5] He has also done work for the American Civil Liberties Union.[6]

Early career[edit]

A long-time political activist, LaSalvia has held volunteer and professional staff positions in Republican campaigns and party organizations in South Dakota and Kentucky, including serving on the campaign staff of former South Dakota Governor Walter D. Miller.[timeframe?] He has also previously worked as a development officer for Kentucky Opera and as a real estate broker in Louisville, Kentucky.[citation needed][timeframe?]

Log Cabin Republicans[edit]

After taking a break from politics, Jimmy reengaged in response to the anti-gay marriage amendments that appeared on ballots in 11 states and the federal constitutional amendment proposal to ban gay marriage nationally in 2004. He joined NO on the Amendment, a group that opposed the federal anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment. In the same year, he founded the Kentucky chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans .[7]

In 2006, LaSalvia left the Kentucky chapter and joined the national staff of Log Cabin Republicans,[3] first as Grassroots Outreach Director, then as Director of Programs & Policy. He helped to build the organization across the country and lobbied to pass legislation in state capitols and in Washington.[citation needed]


LaSalvia left Log Cabin Republicans, feeling that they had drifted too far to the left after they refused to endorse President George W. Bush for reelection in 2004, and only barely voted to endorse Senator John McCain in his 2008 Presidential campaign. After leaving Log Cabin Republicans, he along with fellow former LCR employee, Christopher R. Barron started GOProud, intended to be the conservative answer to Log Cabin Republicans leftward drift. They have co-sponsored CPAC two years in a row and conservative commentator Ann Coulter headlined GOProud's first "Homocon" convention.

GOProud is an organization for conservative gays and their allies. Barron and LaSalvia founded the organization in April 2009. Jimmy announced in early 2013 that he would be stepping aside as the Executive Director of the organization and its daily operations. However, he will remain active with the organization by serving on the Board of Directors. They have co-sponsored CPAC two years in a row and conservative commentator Ann Coulter headlined GOProud's first "Homocon" convention.[8] Jimmy has led the organization in smashing stereotypes and in building coaitions of conservatives and libertarians.[9]

Switching to Independent[edit]

In January 2014, LaSalvia left GOProud and re-registered as "No Party (Independent)" on his voting registration.[1][2]

Media prominence[edit]

LaSalvia has appeared on FOX News Channel, FOX Business Network, CNN, MSNBC, and other television networks. He has been quoted in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and other newspaper and media outlets. His public speaking engagements have included speeches at Columbia University, Princeton University, Tufts University, George Washington University, Smith College, and other colleges and universities.

Political views[edit]

LaSalvia has stated that he is pro-life, opposes gun control, and opposes anti-discrimination laws.[10][11] On the issue of hate crime legislation, he said, "We do not oppose hate crimes laws but I happen to think they're a waste of time because they don't do anything to prevent violent crimes from occurring and they have outlasted their usefulness,"[12] LaSalvia has expressed multiple anti-religious views,[13] such as writing that "religion has killed more than all diseases combined."[14] He has also expressed his opposition to faith-based initiatives.[15]

In 2012, LaSalvia, while on the board of directors of GOProud, voted in favor of GOProud endorsing Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election.[16] In the November 2013 Virginia gubernatorial election, LaSalvia endorsed Robert Sarvis for governor.[17]

Personal life[edit]

LaSalvia was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and grew up in a well-traveled military family. He is a graduate of Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota.[18] LaSalvia currently resides in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood of Washington, D.C.


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