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Jimmy Rip is an American guitarist, songwriter and record producer, who is known for his work with Jerry Lee Lewis, Mick Jagger, Debbie Harry, Paul Collins & The Beat, Michael Monroe, Henry Lee Summer, Tom Verlaine and Television.

Rip began playing guitar at the age of six.[1]

Rip became lead guitarist for Paul Collins & The Beat in 1983. He played on their album To Beat Or Not To Beat and was featured in their music videos. In 1986, Rip worked as a session musician on Alphaville's album Afternoons in Utopia.

He worked with Jagger on his solo album Wandering Spirit and released his first solo album in 1997, called Way Past Blue.

In 2006, Rip worked as a producer and guitarist with Jerry Lee Lewis for his album Last Man Standing. A year later, he joined Television after the departure of their second guitarist Richard Lloyd. Since then, he has been working on a new album with Television, and on a second solo effort. In 2009, after the South American and European tour he completed work on the debut album of the Croatian rock band, Voodoo Lizards.


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