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Paperback cover of the Image series (1997)

Jinx is a comic book series published first by Caliber Comics and then Image Comics, written and drawn by Brian Michael Bendis.


Jinx is a prequel to the same author’s A.K.A. Goldfish, telling the story of Jinx, a female bounty hunter and her relationship with David Goldfish, con-artist and wanted felon. Jinx has also crossed over with the detective series Sam and Twitch. There she helps them track down a bounty hunter that has become mentally deranged.

The story is a loose adaptation of Sergio Leone's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, but resets it in the modern crime noir genre.[original research?]


  • D.D. Byrne as Jinx
  • John Skrtic as Goldfish
  • Brian Michael Bendis as Columbia
  • Mike Sangiacomo as Office Mike
  • David Mack as Dead Mug Number 1
  • James D. Hudnall as Dead Mug Number 2
  • Ceray Doss as Becky
  • Jared Bendis as Ricky Ricketts
  • Michael Johnson as Money B
  • Dan Berman as Street Loser 1
  • Frisco as Street Loser 2
  • Marc Andreyko as Reverend Peter
  • Curtis as Apollo
  • Keith Konajcik as Motormouth Mug
  • Tom Zjaba as Silent Mug
  • Jimmy Williams as Danny
  • Michael Hahn as Young Danny
  • Tia Rachten as Young Jinx
  • Kevin Snorteland as Rob
  • Genevieve Halton as the chain smokin' foul mouthed crack whore
  • Kyra Kester as Lauren Bacall

Film adaptation[edit]

In 2004, Charlize Theron signed on to produce and star in a movie for Universal Pictures.[1]


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