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Logo of Joakimfest Joakiminterfest.jpg
Genre Theatre festival
Location(s) Knjaževsko-srpski teatar, City of Kragujevac, Serbia
Inaugurated May, 2004 - May 2011

JoakimFest is Serbian theater festival of the best theatrical performances of Serbia as per texts by domestic authors. It is held at 7. - 15. May in the Knjaževsko-srpski teatar in Kragujevac. The Festival is named after Joakim Vujić (1772–1847), writer, translator, foreign languages teacher, most esteemed universal theater creator, First Serbian Court Theater Director in Kragujevac 1835/36.[1]

Knjaževsko-srpski teatar is the regular host of Festival, and organizer is the Direction of Festival and sponsor City of Kragujevac.


Joakimfest, 2009

Knjaževsko–srpski teatar being the institution of special significance to Serbian culture and art, the Theatre endeavours to develop other activities besides showing plays. Since 2005 the Theatre started grandiose publishing business with the magazine Joakim, founded the Gallery Joakim, ordered monographies of all the winners of the Statuette of Joakim Vujic, 2009 published the first edition book Premijera, started to research and publish drama heritage of Kragujevac.

Plays are shown on Stage Joakim Vujic and Stage Ljuba Tadic, Theatreteque is also active, and from February 2007, will start to work the Stage Mija Aleksic. That is the reason why Kragujevac should bear the name of Teatropolis, which was proclaimed in 2005, on the 170th anniversary of foundation of the oldest theatre in renewed Serbia.

In 1965 this theatre also initiated Meetings of professional Theatres Joakim Vujic of Serbia (in central Serbia) and they were held every year in May in one of ten different towns, until 2003. Since 2004, the Theatre became the regular host of JoakimFest and since October 2006, also of the JoakimInterFest,[2][3] The International Small Scene Theatre Festival. First JoakimFest was held in Kragujevac at Knjaževsko–srpski teatar, First in Serbian Court Theater, May 7–13, 2004. At the Festival participate theatrical performances from Užice, Kraljevo, Niš, Kruševac and Kragujevac. Accompanying programme: Theatre from Kruševac, the play Death and The Dervish, written by Meša Selimović and directed by Nebojsa Bradic.[4]


  • Joakim's award for the best play,
  • Joakim's award for the director,
  • Joakim's award for the text or adaptation,
  • Joakim's award for the actors,
  • Joakim's award for the scenography,
  • Joakim's award for the costume,
  • Joakim's award for the musical,
  • Joakim's special award,
  • Audience Award.



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