Joe Perkins (Santa Barbara)

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Joe Perkins
Dane Witherspoon as Joe Perkins (1984)
Santa Barbara character
Portrayed by Dane Witherspoon (1984)
Mark Arnold (1984–85)
First appearance Episode 1
July 30, 1984
Last appearance Episode 152
March 1, 1985
Created by Bridget and Jerome Dobson
Occupation Handyman
Residence Santa Barbara, California

Joseph Evan "Joe" Perkins is a fictional character from the American soap opera Santa Barbara. American actor Dane Witherspoon originated the role in the first episode of the series aired on July 30, 1984.[1] Following a disagreement with the show's producers,[2] Witherspoon was fired and last seen on the show on October 30, 1984,[3] when his character was supposed to be killed, but the storyline was changed with a recast.

Mark Arnold took over the role on October 31, 1984[4] and played it until March 1, 1985 when his character was killed off.[5] Arnold himself chose not to renew his contract after only a few months, because he wanted to do something different with his career.[6] Following the death of the character, the entire Perkins family was removed from the show not long after that.

Character background[edit]

After serving five years in prison for the murder of Channing Capwell, Jr., which he didn't commit, Joe Perkins returned to Santa Barbara to rejoin his family and try to win back the love of his life, Kelly Capwell. Kelly had testified against Joe at his murder trial and her testimony put Joe in jail. However, Joe was ready to forgive her, knowing that she was under the influence of her brother Mason. Joe wasn't welcomed by his father John, who had always believed that Joe was guilty. Looking for cash, Joe took a job as the gardener at the Lockridge mansion and ended up having an affair with Augusta Lockridge.

Joe desperately tried to convince Kelly that he didn't kill Channing and she believed him eventually. Kelly's fiancee Peter Flint was jealous over their friendship and decided to do whatever he could to get rid of Joe, even going so far as planting drugs on his bike. Joe decided to hide from the authorities and ended up getting lost at sea and presumed dead. He made it back to Santa Barbara, but continued to hide out. He was approached by a man named Dominic who helped him to prove that he didn't kill Channing. Joe was suspecting Dominic might be a woman, but he didn't say anything.

John realized that Joe didn't kill Channing, and Joe gladly announced that he was alive. He was arrested by the police, but managed to escape when the earthquake hit Santa Barbara. Joe's father died in the earthquake, and Dominic at the same time revealed that she was actually Sophia Capwell, Kelly's presumed-dead mother. Peter wouldn't stop plotting against Joe. The two fought in the woods and Joe shot Peter. Peter ended up in a hospital, where he finally admitted that Joe didn't kill Channing.

Joe was finally proven to be innocent and he happily reunited with Kelly. The two decided to get married, but had no idea that danger was approaching. Peter had lost his mind and started killing girls who looked like Kelly. Joe and Kelly got married, but their happiness ended soon when Peter took Joe and other people hostage. Peter shot Joe, causing him to fall through a window. He later died in the hospital.