John A. Roche

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John A. Roche
John Roche.jpg
30th Mayor of Chicago
In office
Preceded by Carter Harrison, Sr.
Succeeded by DeWitt Clinton Cregier
Personal details
Born (1844-08-12)August 12, 1844
Utica, New York, United States
Died February 10, 1904(1904-02-10) (aged 59)
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Political party Republican
Residence Chicago, Illinois

John A. Roche (August 12, 1844–February 10, 1904) was an American politician who served as mayor of Chicago, Illinois from 1887 to 1889. He was the 30th mayor of the city.


Early years[edit]

John A. Roche was born in Utica, New York on August 12, 1844. He served as an apprentice to his brother for three years. He stayed in business for a long time, and had but a high school education. He was a firm believer in education and mentions this in his inaugural address.

Move to Chicago[edit]

In 1869, he moved to Chicago to do business. He loved it, and decided to become a candidate for the Republican Party. He won against the Democratic candidate, Robert L. Nelson. People admired him for his assertive and straightforward nature and history of business. As a mayor, he was prominent for the drainage and water supply commission and being appointed to suppress gambling in saloons as well as closing disreputable ones.


After retiring, he focused his attention once again on business, and became manager and vice president of the Crane Elevator Company. In 1893 he was elected president of the Lake Street Elevated Railroad Company. He then died on February 10, 1904, one hour after a meeting from uremic poisoning.[citation needed] He was buried at buried in Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago.



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