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John Burtle
Born Long Beach, California
Nationality United States
Known for performance, public art, Mail art

John Burtle (born in 1984) is an American artist who works in performance, Public Art, sculpture, and broadcast media.[1] The artist lives in Los Angeles, often changes the spelling of their name, and frequently works with in groups .[2][3]


Burtle's work questions how people support themselves and others.[4] He has regularly collaborated with others and also makes art individually. The subject matter of his sculptures and paintings ranges from gifts of affection such as flowers and candies to symbols of social groups: a school of fish, birds nest.[5][6] Sculptures and paintings are displayed physically on top of each other.[7] He also regularly sends drawings on postcards to friends[2]

Collaborative and collective projects[edit]

John Burtle and John Barllog began working together in 2006. In 2012 Sue Bell Yank wrote that the two Johns "construct workshops, interventions, and public actions that catalyze awareness of one’s influence on their environment and community."[8] Their projects included "Make Your Own Effigy Workshops" on public sidewalks, a neighborhood wide Stone Soup[1][9][10][11][12]

In 2007 John and John opened an exhibition space located on their left forearms.[13] The galleries are designated by a tattooed rectangle. Over 200 artists have exhibit at the space, and exhibitions have included drawings, video projections, sculptures, performances, and more. The artist generally except proposals from anyone and strive to exhibit art anywhere at anytime [14][15][14][16]

Burtle is a founder of the Eternal Telethon, a sporadically occurring live streamed performance art show that raises money to start an artist retirement home. He has organized broadcastfrom Machine Project, Public Fiction, and Human Resources in Los Angeles, and Bikini Wax in Mexico City.[17][18][19]

The artist has been involved with Kchung Radio since the stations first broadcast, in 2011.[20] With the artist Guan Rong, he hosted an hour long program called "Nooooooooooooooooooooooo" every Monday from 2011-2016.[21][22][23][24]


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