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John Chancellor Award for Excellence in Journalism is an annual award of $25,000, increased to $50,000 in 2016, selected by a panel of journalists, for quality reporting.

Established in 1995, the award was formerly administered by the University of Pennsylvania, and is administered by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Ira Lipman provided a gift to Columbia University to support the award. He became a lifelong friend of John Chancellor after they met in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957.[1]


Year Winner Organization
2016 Gwen Ifill PBS
2015 Alissa J. Rubin "New York Times"
2012 Maria Hinojosa PBS, NPR
2011 David Evans Bloomberg Markets[2]
2010 Robert Siegel National Public Radio
2009 Ken Armstrong The Seattle Times
2008 Jane Mayer, Andrew C. Revkin The New Yorker, The New York Times
2007 Ofra Bikel PBS series FRONTLINE
2006 Henry Weinstein Los Angeles Times
2005 Jerry Mitchell The Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, Mississippi
2004 Linda Greenhouse The New York Times (1968–2008)
2003 Mary McGrory The Washington Post (1981–2004)
2002 Jim Wooten ABC News (1979–present)
2000 John Herbers The New York Times (1963–1987)
2000 Claude Sitton The News & Observer Raleigh, North Carolina (1968–1990)
1999 Paul Duke PBS (1974–1994)
1998 John Kifner The New York Times (1963–2008)
1997 Wilson F. “Bill” Minor The Times-Picayune New Orleans, Louisiana (1947–1976)[3]


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