List of roads in Howard County, Maryland

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Road Route Places Landmarks Notes
All Saints Road Whiskey Bottom Road to Old Scaggsville Road Laurel North Laurel community


Road Route Places Landmarks Notes
Baltimore National Pike Edmondson Avenue (in Baltimore) to Frederick Ellicott City
West Friendship
Brick House on the Pike "Baltimore National Pike" is the designation for US-40 throughout Howard County. West of Ellicott City, US-40 merges into I-70, and the two routes share a path until Frederick. This part of I-70 is also known as Baltimore National Pike.
Banneker Road Little Patuxent Pkwy to Shepherd Square Town Center Banneker Fire Station Named after Benjamin Banneker
Bethany Lane Old Frederick Road to Baltimore National Pike Ellicott City Enchanted Forest Continues north of MD-99 as Old Mill Road and south of US-40 as Centennial Lane.
Brighton Dam Road Ten Oaks Road to Market Street (in Montgomery County Clarksville Triadelphia Reservoir
Brookeville Woolen Mill and House
Brightfield Road Montgomery Road to Old Montgomery Road Ellicott City
Broken Land Parkway The Mall in Columbia to Guilford Road Columbia
Owen Brown
Kings Contrivance
The Mall in Columbia
Lake Elkhorn
Exit 18 off US-29. Exit 14 off Maryland Route 32
Burntwoods Road Roxbury Mills Road to Maryland Route 32 Glenwood, Glenelg Glenelg High School Continues as Andrea Drive beyond traffic circle interchange with Maryland Route 32.


Road Route Places Landmarks Notes
Carrs Mill Road Frederick Road to Maryland Route 97 Cooksville, Woodbine Carrs Mill Park, Western Regional Park Continues as McKendree Road east of MD Route 97
Cedar Lane Harpers Farm Road to Guilford Road Harper's Choice
Hickory Ridge
Howard County General Hospital
Simpsonville Mill
James and Anne Robinson Nature Center
Continues south of Guilford Road as Pindell School Road. A second road known as "Cedar Lane" also exists north of this one from Rivendell Lane to a dead end just north of MD-108.
Centennial Lane Baltimore National Pike to Clarksville Pike Ellicott City Centennial High School
Centennial Park
Continues north of Baltimore National Pike as Bethany Lane and south of Clarksville Road as Beaverbrook Road. Centennial Lane was built in 1876 as a shortcut through Burliegh Manor property between Clarksville and Ellicott City.[1]
Centre Park Drive Maryland Route 100 to Old Annapolis Road Columbia Exit 1C off of MD 100
Chatham Road Ramblewood Road (Becomes Michaels Way) to Dead End Ellicott City First Lutheran Church Two segments divided by Frederick Road (Runs as N. Chatham Road north of Frederick Road.)
Clarksville Pike US-29 interchange to Montgomery County line (at Patuxent River) Clarksville
Wilde Lake
Dorsey's Search
Centennial Park
Middle Patuxent Environmental Area
Rocky Gorge Reservoir
Exit 21 off US-29. MD-108 continues east of US-29 interchange as Old Annapolis Road, and in Montgomery County as "Ashton Road".
Coca-Cola Drive Hi-Tech Drive to Dorsey Road Hanover Oxford Square, Thomas Viaduct Middle School Crosses into Anne Arundel County after CSX tracks. Named after Coca-Cola for planned bottling plant that was never built.
College Avenue Saint Paul Street to Bonnie Branch Road Ellicott City Sheppard Pratt at Ellicott City, Seven Hills
Cradlerock Way Broken Land Parkway to Homespun Drive; circles back to Broken Land Parkway Owen Brown Lake Elkhorn, East Columbia Branch Library Marked as North and South Cradlerock Way to distinguish circle entrances from Broken Land Parkway.


Road Route Places Landmarks Notes
Dobbin Road Oakland Mills Road to Snowden River Parkway Long Reach East Columbia Business District
Dorsey Road Scarlet Oak Drive to dead end southeast of Race Road (in Anne Arundel County) Elkridge Dorsey MARC rail station Continues northwest as Meadowridge Road. There is another Dorsey Road in Anne Arundel County, most of which is designated MD-176.
Dorsey Run Road Dorsey Road in Elkridge to Deer Creek Court (in Anne Arundel County) Elkridge Jessup Savage Jessup MARC rail station, Dorsey MARC rail station Provides an alternate bypass route to Washington Boulevard.


Road Route Places Landmarks Notes
Eden Brook Drive Old Columbia Road to Dead End south of First League Kings Contrivance Dickinson Park
Kings Contrivance Village Center
Exit 15 off of MD 32
Eliot's Oak Road Maryland Route 108 to Harpers Farm Road Columbia Columbia Athletic Club
Longfellow Neighborhood
Named for T. S. Eliot
Executive Park Drive Maryland Route 100 to Traffic Circle with Weathered Drive and Santa Fe Court Columbia Montjoy Exit 1B from MD 100


Road Route Places Landmarks Notes
Frederick Road Two discontinuous roads:
Lakeview Drive to Baltimore National Pike
Baltimore National Pike to Baltimore Street (in Baltimore)
Ellicott City
West Friendship
Roberts Inn Known as Main Street in historic Ellicott City
Florence Road Shaffers Mill Road to Ed Warfield Road Woodbine
Furnace Avenue Begins at Main Street in Elkridge and ends at the Deep Run Bridge in Howard County. Terminates at a T Intersection in Anne Arundel County with Furnace Avenue and Ridge Road. Elkridge
Elkridge Furnace Complex


Road Route Places Landmarks Notes
Gerwig Lane Dead end west of Minstrel Way to Guilford Road Columbia
Gorman Road Kindler Road to Washington Boulevard (in Prince George's County Savage, North Laurel Becomes Johns Hopkins Road in Fulton
Governor Warfield Parkway Little Pauxent Parkway to Little Pauxent Parkway Columbia Town Center An entrance to The Mall in Columbia Continues south of Little Pauxent Parkway as Banneker Road. Named after former Maryland governor Edwin Warfield.[2]
Great Star Drive Clarksville Pike to Guilford Road Clarksville, River Hill River Hill Village Center Exit 19 from Maryland Route 32 (Northbound only)
Guilford Road Two segments: Clarksville Pike to Sanner Road, and Old Columbia Road to National Business Parkway in Anne Arundel County Clarksville, Columbia, Kings Contrivance, Savage Guilford Park, Kings Contrivance Village Center, Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 7 Exit 10D from Maryland Route 32 (Northbound only)


Road Route Places Landmarks Notes
Hanover Road Old Washington Road to Deep Run Bridge Elkridge Continues in Anne Arundel County to Ridge Road.
Harriet Tubman Lane Cedar Lane to Martin Road Columbia Harriet Tubman School Named for Harriet Tubman
Hoods Mill Road Woodbine Road to Frederick Road Cooksville Exit 76 off I-70
High Tor Hill Phelps Luck Drive to Tamar Drive Columbia Phelps Luck Elementary School
Hipsley Mill Road Jennings Chapel Road to Laytonsville Road (in Montgomery County) Woodbine


Road Route Places Landmarks Notes
Ilchester Road Montgomery Road to Patapsco River. Becomes River Road in Baltimore County, and ends at Frederick Road. Ellicott City, Catonsville Saint Mary's Seminary Ruins, Patapsco Valley State Park, Patterson Viaduct


Road Route Places Landmarks Notes
Jennings Chapel Road Florence Road to Roxbury Mills Road Jennings Chapel Methodist Church
Johns Hopkins Road Pindell School Road to Gorman Road Applied Physics Laboratory Exit 15 off US-29


Road Route Places Landmarks Notes
Landing Road Montgomery Road to Ilchester Road Elkridge Rockburn Branch Park, Cascade Falls
Lark Brown Road Allen Lane to Old Waterloo Road Elkridge, Columbia Columbia Restaurant Park, Gateway Overlook Shopping Center
Lawyers Hill Road Montgomery Road to Levering Avenue Elkridge Lawyers Hill Historic District
Levering Avenue Lawyers Hill Road to Main Street (Elkridge) Elkridge Lawyers Hill Historic District, Thomas Viaduct, Patapsco Valley State Park
Little Patuxent Parkway Waterloo Road to end at circle to itself Town Center The Mall in Columbia
Howard County General Hospital
Howard Community College
Merriweather Post Pavilion
Long Corner Road Dead end north of Frederick Road to Damascus Road in Montgomery County Mt. Airy
Long Gate Parkway Montgomery Road to Meadowbrook Lane Ellicott City Exit 1A off MD-100, used to access MD-103 from US-29 northbound.


Road Route Places Landmarks Notes
Main Street (Ellicott City) Name for Frederick Road in historic Ellicott City Ellicott City Ellicott City Historic District, Ellicott City Station
Main Street (Elkridge) Old Washington Road to Washington Blvd Elkridge Historic Elkridge, Brumbaugh House, Grace Cemetery Original route of U.S. Route 1. Bisected by CSX Railroad.
Maple Lawn Boulevard Johns Hopkins Road to Maryland Route 216 Fulton Maple Lawn Continues as Sanner Road north of Johns Hopkins Road
Marriottsville Road Frederick Road to Runnymead Road (in Baltimore County) Ellicott City
Waverley Exit 83 off I-70
Marshalee Drive Montgomery-Meadowridge Roads to Montgomery Road Ellicott City
Marshalee, Timbers at Troy Golf Course
Mayfield Avenue Montgomery-Meadowridge Roads to Waterloo Road Ellicott City
Mayfield Woods Middle School
Meadowridge Road Brightfield Road to Scarlet Oaks Drive Elkridge Exit 4 off MD-100. Continues northwest of Brightfield Road as Montgomery Road, and southeast of Scarlet Oaks Drive as Dorsey Road
Mellenbrook Road Maryland Route 108 to Mellen Court Columbia Thunder Hill Elementary School
Mission Road Guilford Road to Washington Boulevard Jessup Ridgely's Community Center, Savage Mine
Montgomery Road Old Washington Road to Old Columbia Pike Ellicott City
Elkridge Elementary and Middle Schools, Ellicott Mills Middle School, Elkridge Corners Shopping Center, Long Gate Shopping Center Exit 23 off US-29 for Maryland Route 103 portion in Ellicott City.
Montevideo Road Washington Blvd to Race Rd in Anne Arundel County. Elkridge Used as the town line for Elkridge and Jessup.


Road Route Places Landmarks Notes
Oakland Mills Road Sohap Lane to Guilford Road Oakland Mills, Columbia, Maryland Christ Church Guilford
Old Annapolis Road Eastern segment runs east from US-29 to Waterloo Road. Western segment runs west from Old Route 108 to Centennial Lane. Columbia Dorsey's Search, Centennial Park North Exit 21 off US-29.
Old Columbia Pike Frederick Road to Montgomery Road Ellicott City Formerly designated MD-987[3]
Old Columbia Road Three discontinuous segments: Twin Knolls Road to Dead End, Dead End beyond Eden Brook Drive to Johns Hopkins Road, and Maryland Route 216 to Harding Road. Columbia, Fulton Oakland Mills Blacksmith House and Shop All three roads run parallel to US 29.
Old Frederick Road Twin Arch Road to US-29 Mt. Airy
Ellicott City
Old Montgomery Road Three discontinuous roads: Oakland Mills Road to Brunners Run Court, Majors Lane to dead end after Welcome Home Drive, Tamar Drive to Montgomery Road (MD Route 103) Columbia
Ellicott City
Was the original alignment of Montgomery Road heading west.
Old Washington Road Washington Boulevard and Abel Street to Washington Boulevard and Main Street Elkridge Historic Elkridge
Saint Augustine Church
Elkridge Fire Station
Was originally the route of U.S. 1 in Elkridge.
Owen Brown Road Two segments: Cedar Lane to Dead End beyond Dewey Drive, and Dead End to Dead End (between Forty Winks Way and Orient Lane) Owen Brown, Oakland Mills


Road Route Places Landmarks Notes
Pfefferkorn Road Frederick Road to Ten Oaks Road West Friendship Exit off of MD 32 for Burntwoods Road
Pindell School Road Guilford Road to Scaggsville Road Fulton, Highland


Road Route Places Landmarks Notes
Race Road Furnace Avenue to Hanover Road. Second leg continues on Anne Arundel County side of Hanover Road, and terminates at Route 175 Hanover, Jessup Deep Run
Ridge Road Bond Street (in Carroll County to I-270 interchange (in Frederick County) Mt. Airy Exit 68 off I-70
Ridge Road Rogers Avenue to Dead End, east of Patapsco River Road Ellicott City Ridge Road Business Area
Ellicott City Post Office
Exit 24A off US 29
Referred to as N. Ridge Road north of Baltimore National Pike
Robert Fulton Drive Snowden River Parkway to Columbia Gateway Drive East Columbia Business District Snowden Square Shopping Center, Columbia Gateway Business Park Exit off Snowden River Parkway
Rogers Avenue Frederick Road to US-29 Ellicott City Howard County Government Campus Continues west of US-29 as Old Frederick Road
Rowanberry Drive Montgomery Road to Washington Boulevard Elkridge Elkridge Branch Library
Roxbury Mills Road Frederick Road to Montgomery County line Brookeville
Roxbury Mill
Patuxent River State Park
Union Chapel
continues north of Frederick Road as Hoods Mill Road and south of Patuxent River as Georgia Avenue.


Road Route Places Landmarks Notes
Saint Johns Lane Old Frederick Road to Montgomery Road Ellicott City Mount Hebron High School Exit 23 off US-29 Southbound.
Sand Hill Road Old Frederick Road to Frederick Road Ellicott City Crestlawn Cemetery
Seneca Drive Martin Road to Wesleigh Drive Columbia Atholton Elementary School Exit 17 off US-29
Scaggsville Road Clarksville Pike to Doves Fly Way Highland
North Laurel
Reservoir High School Exit 13 off US-29. West of US-29, designated as MD-216. East of US-29, splits off MD-216 and carries no numerical designation. MD-216 continues as a separate road to Laurel. On its north end, continues north of MD-108 as Highland Road with no numerical designation.
Shaker Drive Allview Drive to Guilford Road (continues as Eden Brook Drive) Columbia Exit 17 off US-29
Sheppard Lane Folly Quarter Road/Carroll Mill Road to Maryland Route 108 Clarksville
Snowden River Parkway MD-100 to Broken Land Parkway (continues as Patuxent Woods Drive) Columbia
Ellicott City
Exit 3 off MD-100
Stansfield Road Old Bond Mill Road to Old Scaggsville Road Scaggsville
Rocky Gorge Reservoir
Stephens Road Gorman Road to Maryland Route 216 Laurel Rocky Gorge Reservoir Exit off of eastbound MD 216
Continues as Stone Lake Drive north of Gorman Road
Stevens Forest Road Middle Drive to Beechwood Drive Columbia Oakland Mills Village Center
Sykesville Road I-70 interchange to Old Washington Road (in Carroll County West Friendship
Exit 80 off I-70. Continues north of Old Washington Road as Washington Road, and south of I-70 interchange known only as MD-32 with no name.


Road Route Places Landmarks Notes
Tamar Drive Rainprint Row to Saddle Drive Long Reach Long Reach Village Center
Thunder Hill Road Old Annapolis Road to Santiago Road Oakland Mills Oakland Mills Village Center
Toll House Road Frederick Road to Old Columbia Pike Ellicott City Ellicott City Truck Route
Triadelphia Road Frederick Road to Triadelphia Mill Road Ellicott City, Glenelg Triadelphia Ridge Elementary School
Trotter Road Clarksville Pike to Gentle Light Lane Columbia Middle Patuxent Environmental Area
River Hill Pool
Continues as Meadow Vista Way north of MD 108


Road Route Places Landmarks Notes
Washington Boulevard Dover Street (in Baltimore) to near Cherry Lane (in Prince George's County) Elkridge
North Laurel
Trinity Church Exit 3 off I-195, 6 off MD-100, and 12 off MD-32.
Waterloo Road Montgomery Road to Little Patuxent Parkway Also is name for MD 175 from MD 108 junction to Oceano Avenue in Jessup, Maryland Ellicott City
Exit 2 off MD-100. Carries two designations on different parts of the route: MD-104 and MD-108.
Watersville Road Frederick Road to Old Frederick Road Mount Airy Runs as two East/West segments from Watersville Road heading north. East Watersville Road continues as Hardy Road beyond Frederick Road.
Whiskey Bottom Road Maryland Route 198 to Dead End North Laurel Edy's Ice Cream Plant
Woodbine Road Liberty Road (in Carroll County to Annapolis Rock Road Woodbine
Mt. Airy
Patuxent River State Park Exit 73 off I-70.
Woodstock Road Old Frederick Road to Baltimore County line (continues as Old Court Road) Woodstock


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