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Jovan Jovanov
Јован Јованов
Birth name Jovan Jovanov
Also known as JJ
Born (1981-05-27) 27 May 1981 (age 36)
Skopje, SFR Yugoslavia
Origin Republic of Macedonia
Genres Pop, R&B, pop rock, dance, hip hop
Occupation(s) Singer, producer, composer
Years active 1996-2008
Labels Jovanov
Associated acts Elvir Mekić Slatkaristika Toni Zen Next Time IWAYO

Jovan Jovanov known as Jay Jay, is a Macedonian-Canadian songwriter, composer, and producer of pop, R&B, house, hip-hop. He is currently based in Toronto, Ontario and Los Angeles, California.

His songs have represented Macedonia on the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004[1] and 2009,[2] and on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2007. He also arranged Vlatko Ilievski's song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.[3]

Jovanov has won three first prizes on the Macedonian festival MakFest, with his compositions “Magija”, performed by the music group Magija (1998), “Ti me sakash”, performed by Jovan Jovanov and Maja Sazdanovska (2005), and “Ne planiram”, performed by Lambe Alabakovski (2010). He has also won two second prizes on MakFest for the compositions “300 godini”, performed by Adrian Gaxha (2005) and” Bez tebe tivko umiram”, performed by Next time (2008). Moreover, he is the winner of third prizes for the compositions “Da te vidam pak”, performed by Jovan Jovanov (2003), “Se na svoe mesto”, performed by Zoran Stamenkovski (2006) and “Nekade posle 2” performed by Elvir Mekic (2007).[4]

Jovanov has released over 500 compositions, and has stated that his goal is to popularize his work around the world.[5]

Early life[edit]

Jovanv was born in Skopje on 27 May 1981. He began his music education when he was six years old. He plays the piano, guitar, and percussion instruments.[5] At the age of 17 he started working with other artists and opened his own recording studio.


Jovanov finished high school at СУ „Илија Николовски Луј“ - Скопје, graduated from music academy Факултет за музичка уметност - Скопје and is studying at the Los Angeles Film School.



In 1998, Jovanov formed boyband "Magija"(Magic). (1998-2001) in Macedonia. Their songs included "Магија"(Magic), Ди-џеј (DJ), "Светло се Гасне" (light goes out), and "Низ оган да минувам "(tell me to go through fire).

Recording Studio and Label "Jovanov Records"[edit]

In 2001, Jovanov opened his own recording studio "Jovanov Records". He has cooperated with many well-known musicians of the Balkan region including Tose Proeski, Emina Jahovic, Lambe Alabakovski, Adrian Gaxha, Slatkaristika, Tony Zen, Elvir Mekic, Bojan Marovic, Slađa Delibašić, Next time, Vlatko Ilievski, and Victoria Loba. In 2007, he opened his own label "Jovanov Records". His company worked with promotion of new artists and their career planning. He became a manager of Elvir Mekic, Slatkaristika, Tony Zen, and Next time.

Artist Career (2004-2009)[edit]

Jovanov recorded and released two CDs, "Na moj Nacin" (On May Way), "Into mi trebas" (I need Immediately) and performed in numerous concerts and performances around Macedonia.[5]

Festival Director Makfest (2011-2012)[edit]

Jovanov was for two years director of the biggest festival of pop music in Macedonia - "Makfest" held in Stip. Makfest has produced more than 1,000 songs, many of which were hits.[4]

Global Music Records (2013-Present)[edit]

Global Music Records is an international record label founded by Macedonian-Canadian awards winning record producer Jovan Jovanov well known as Jay-Jay. Together with his brother Ivan Jovanov IWAYO are the label’s main producers.[6]

Jovan Jovanov founded Global Music Records, with originally named Jovanov Records in 2001. Global Music Records has been working with many famous singers from Europe such a Slatkaristika, Adrian Gaxha, Elvir Mekic, Ivan Jovanov Iwayo, Simona Poposka, Victoria Loba etc.[6]

Music Artist Development Centre - Toronto, Canada (2017-present)[edit]

The Music Artist Development Centre[7] was founded by Award Winning Producer Jovan Jovanov and the #1 vocal and performance coach in Canada Paula Griffith.[8] Together they oversee a team of expert industry professionals and have a blue print plan for an aspiring singer to break into the music industry as an independent or signed recording artist.

The Music Artist Development Centre is a unique all-in-one artist development facility that will prepare aspiring singers for a career in the music business. It is the leading source of training for artists in the music industry in Toronto, and a model for industry training nationwide.  A place you can call your own, the centre provides artist development programs, A & R consultations, marketing, social media and branding assistance, a recording studio, master vocal classes, performance and stage training, choreographers, song writing and music lessons to bring out the creative artist in you.[7]


Title Artist Views Year
E di qe don Florian Beqiri 20.000.000 + 2014
Kjo Zemer Adrian Gaxha ft. Florian Beqiri 13.600.000 + 2013
Oj ti qike Adrian Gaxha & Florian Beqiri 9.600.000 + 2014
Syn Florian Beqiri feat. Lindon 8.800.000 + 2015
Welcome to Prishtina Adrian Gaxha ft. Florian Beqiri and Skivi 7.300.000 + 2013
Tik Tak Slatkaristika feat Krisko 7.100.000 + 2016
5 minuta Elvir Mekic ft. Slađa Delibašić 5.700.000 + 2008
Taj ti ne lici Elvir Mekic ft Juice (Serbian rapper) 5.000.000 + 2009
Olabavi me Slatkaristika 4.500.000 + 2012
Nesanica Emina Jahovic 3.600.000 + 2014
Dimi Dzam Slatkaristika feat. Ferus Mustafov & Tyzee 3.600.000 + 2014
Fm Slatkaristika 2.700.000 + 2009
Da poletam Slatkaristika 2.500.000 + 2010
Shopping Slatkaristika 2.400.000 + 2009
Duplikat Slađa Delibašić 2.100.000 + 2012
Regeton Tyzee Драган Величковски 2.100.000 + 2013
Doma si e doma Tyzee Драган Величковски 1.700.000 + 2014
Klasika Slatkaristika 1.600.000 + 2011
Samo za dobro da e Slatkaristika ft. Iwayo 1.600.000 + 2013
Itno Mi Trebas Jovan Jovanov ft.Lambe & Toni Zen 1.100.000 + 2008


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