Juan Covington

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Juan Covington
Born (1962-03-03) March 3, 1962 (age 54)
Criminal penalty Life imprisonment
Victims 3
Span of killings
1998–May 2005
Country USA
State(s) Pennsylvania
Date apprehended

Juan Covington (born March 3, 1962) is an American serial killer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He worked at Pennsylvania Hospital and was arrested in 2005 after security camera footage linked him to the murder of co-worker Patricia McDermott, 48, a Radiographer.[1]

Other victims[edit]

  1. In 1998 Covington shot and killed his cousin, Rev. Thomas Lee Devlin, 49, as he was leading a prayer service.[2]
  2. In 2003 Covington shot David Stewart, 43, nine times as he walked home. Stewart survived the attack.[1]
  3. In 2004 Covington shot William Bryant, 33, nine times as the man walked to work. Bryant also survived.
  4. In March 2005, Covington shot and killed Odies Bosket, 36, at a subway station. (Another man, Morris Wells, was wrongly charged with that murder. Charges against Wells were dropped.)

Juan Covington received three life sentences for his crimes. He pleaded guilty to all five crimes and avoided the death penalty. He is currently housed at State Correctional Institution – Greene.


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