Julien Proskauer

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Julien Proskauer

Julien J. Proskauer (June 14, 1893–December 18, 1958) was an American magician and author.

Proskauer was born June 14, 1893 to Joseph Proskauer and Bertha Richman Proskauer in New York City.[1] He was a friend of Harry Houdini and was well known for debunking fraud mediums.[2] His book The Dead Do Not Talk (1946) exposed the fakes, frauds and tricks in spiritualism.[3][4]

He was the President of the Society of American Magicians (1935–1936).[5] He was a contributor to many magazines and journals on magic.

He died December 18, 1958 and is buried in New York.


  • The Dead Do Not Talk (1946)
  • Fun at Cocktail Time (1938)
  • Suckers All! (1934)
  • How'd ja do That? (1934)
  • Spook Crooks! (1932)


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