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Doris Collins (1918-2003) was a British spiritualist and psychic medium.[1]


Collins was born on 10 February 1918 in Essex, England and was the youngest of a family of nine children. From a young age Collins claimed to be able to see spirits a psychic ability she said to have throughout her life.[2] She attended a Spiritualist church and in 1958 became the president of Woodford National Spiritualist Church in Essex. She became a resident at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain and made trips to the United States, Australia and toured Great Britain offering her mediumship services to people for money.[3]

She wrote three books on Spiritualism A Woman of Spirit (1985), The Power Within (1988) and Positive Forces (1991).


Collins has been described as a cold reader by the scientific community.[4] James Randi examined a videotape of her mediumship from one of her shows and caught her cold reading.[5]


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