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June Korea
June with Michael Jai White.jpg
June Korea with Michael Jai White
Alma materSchool of Visual Arts
Occupationvisual artist and photographer

June Korea (Korean: 조준태(Juntae Cho); born July 22, 1982)[1] is a New York–based visual artist and photographer.[2] Sometimes, his works feature his sex doll Eva.[3][4] He lives with Eva, his silicon sex doll for his photographic project.[5][6] His work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions.[7] He and his sex doll have attracted attraction from the media and has been featured in different media publications worldwide.[8][9]

Early life[edit]

He obtained a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering in South Korea.[10] He received a B.F.A. in Photography and Imaging from Art Center College of Design in California.[11] After that he studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York where he obtained an M.F.A. in Photography, Video and Related Media.[12] While studying at the engineering school, he met another photographer who inspired him to take on photography as a profession.[7]


According to an interview he stated that he always felt lonely after coming home from work or parties.[13] He researched life-size dolls to discover the one that will best resemble a human being.[3] He bought Eva in 2014.[5] He sleeps, shops, dines, drives, travels, laughs and cries with her.[14] His love doll Eva is usually captured in a wide range of pictures similar to that of a traditional couple going through various activities.[15][16]


  • 2017 Life Framer Award—Still Life: 20 Amazing Photographers to Discover.[17]
  • 2015 CA it Awards Photography Gold Award.[18]
  • 2015 Neutral Density Photography Awards 1st Place—Gold Star Award.
  • 2015 Seoul–New York Photo Festival Silver Award.
  • 2015 21st Artist Portfolio Award by Artist Portfolio Magazine.
  • 2012 53rd CMYK Magazine Award.
  • 2012 27th Creative Quarterly Award.
  • 2011 MAC Group Photography Award.
  • 2011 Museum of Seongnam Arts Center Emerging Artist Award by Seongnam Arts Center.
  • 2009 Make-A-Wish Achievement Award by Make-A-Wish Foundation.[19]
  • 2005 Feelux Lighting Grand Award.
  • 2003 Dong-A Photography Excellence Award by The Dong-A Ilbo.


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