Just Between Friends

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Just Between Friends
Just between friends.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Allan Burns
Produced by Allan Burns
Written by Allan Burns
Music by Patrick Williams
Cinematography Jordan Cronenweth
Edited by Anne Goursaud
Distributed by Orion Pictures (1986,original) MGM (2004, DVD)
Release date
March 21, 1986
Running time
110 min
Country United States
Language English
Box office $6,408,791

Just Between Friends is a 1986 American drama film about two women whose friendship is tested by tragedy. The film was written, produced and directed by Allan Burns, and it stars Mary Tyler Moore, Ted Danson, and Christine Lahti.

Plot summary[edit]

Holly Davis is a wife and mother, happily married to Dr. Chip Davis, a seismologist. She isn't aware that Chip is having an affair with Sandy Dunlap, a television news reporter who interviewed him after a quake.

Holly begins teaching aerobics part-time at the gym where she and Sandy meet. Sandy and Holly become fast friends and Holly's children like Sandy as well. Sandy is a career-minded reporter, trying to become an anchorwoman at the station run by George Margolin. One day at work, a news bulletin reveals the death of Dr. Davis in a car crash.

Holly is devastated by the news and so is Sandy. Helga, the gym's owner is ready to sell so Sandy and Holly invest together. Holly learns the truth while clearing out her husband's office where she finds a photo of Sandy and her husband together, clearly indicating evidence of an affair. She angrily confronts Sandy who tells her that she was unaware that her new friend was the wife of the man she loved. Holly angrily ends their friendship.

Sandy begs for forgiveness but Holly is devastated, hurt and angry and refuses to forgive Sandy. Holly swears she will buy Sandy out of her share of the gym they bought as soon as she is able and refuses to resume the close friendship they once shared.

Sandy discovers that she is pregnant and she tells Holly who is horrified by the news. Over time, Holly realizes that Sandy's child will also be her husband's child so she decides that she should try to forgive Sandy so that she can be a part of the child's life. Sandy rejects her at first but once the child is born, the film ends as they begin to repair their friendship.



Just Between Friends was released to DVD by MGM Home Video on January 13, 2004 as a Region 1 DVD.

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