Justin Marler

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Justin Marler
Origin Chico, California, USA
Genres hardcore punk (early)
Doom metal
Stoner metal
Years active 1990 1999–2009
Labels London Records
Very Small Records
Earache Records
Tee Pee Records
The Music Cartel
Catacomb Records
Associated acts Asbestosdeath
The Sabians

Justin Marler (born July 29, 1972 in Chico, California) is an American musician and author. He is known for being a founding member of the seminal stoner metal band Sleep, and for leaving a burgeoning career in music to become a monk in an Eastern Orthodox monastery. In 1990 Justin joined the members of a little-known band called Asbestosdeath (Al Cisneros, Chris Hakius and Matt Pike) and they renamed the band Sleep. Soon after recording their first full-length record, Volume One, Justin Marler vanished, while Sleep went on to become metal icons.

Marler turned up at St. Herman of Alaska Monastery in northern California and later was transferred to a monastery on a nearly deserted island in Alaska.[1] During his seven-year stint as a monk he founded the widely distributed Zine titled Death To The World. The zine had a considerable impact on youth counterculture during the mid to late 1990s,[2] which caught the attention of mainstream press, and quickly led to the release of his first book, Youth of the Apocalypse, (co-authored with a fellow monastic). In 1999, Justin Marler left his reclusive life in the monastery and returned to California where he restarted his music career, with former Sleep bandmate Chris Hakius, as the lead singer for the alternative band The Sabians. Marler moved to Austin, Texas in 2005, and is a musician and publishing author.[3] Marler is active in the Austin music scene with current band Shiny Empire.[4]


  • Austin, San Antonio and the Hill Country, first edition, moon handbooks, 2005
  • Door to Paradise, published 1998, St. Herman Press
  • Youth of the Apocalypse, published 1997, St. Herman Press


  • Sleep-Sign Language, compilation (Allied Recordings 1991)
  • Sleep-Very Small World, LP compilation (Very Small Records 1991)
  • Sleep-Volume One (Tupelo Records 1991)
  • Monk John Marler-Lamentations, (Catacomb records 1997)
  • The Sabians-Beauty For Ashes, (The Music Cartel 2001)
  • The Sabians-Shiver, (The Music Cartel 2003)


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