Jyoti Bhusan Chaki

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Jyoti Bhusan Chaki
Died 27 March 2008(2008-03-27)
Kolkata, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Teacher, writer
Known for Polyglot

Jyoti Bhushan Chaki (died 27 March 2008) was an Indian Bengali linguist, academic and polyglot. He had proficiency with 18 different languages.[1]


Chaki worked as a teacher in a school of Kolkata named Jagadbandhu Institution.[2] He wrote several books on linguistic. He had proficiency with 18 different languages.[1] He was also a member of Akademi Banan Upo-Samiti or Akademi Spelling Sub-Committee. He died on 27 March 2008 in a hospital in Kolkata following brain haemorrhage.[1]



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