K5 – The War of Words Demos

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K5 – The War of Words Demos
Fight - K5.jpg
Compilation album by Fight
Released November 28th, 2007
Recorded Phoenix, AZ, July 1992
Genre Heavy metal, Groove metal
Label Sony Music
Producer Rob Halford
Fight chronology
A Small Deadly Space
(1995)A Small Deadly Space1995
K5 – The War of Words Demos
Into the Pit
(2008)Into the Pit2008

K5 – The War of Words Demos is a compilation album from the heavy metal band Fight, released on November 28, 2007. The album mostly consists of demo recordings originally made in July 1992 in Phoenix, Arizona of what would become their 1993 debut release War of Words, and also including 5 new songs. It is the first material from Rob Halford's new band shortly after leaving Judas Priest.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Rob Halford, except where noted.

No. Title Length
1. "Into the Pit" 4:35
2. "Nailed to the Gun" 3:33
3. "Now You Die" (new 2007) 3:36
4. "Life in Black" 4:51
5. "Kill It" 3:32
6. "Contortion" 4:19
7. "Forbidden" (new 2007) 4:41
8. "War of Words" 4:56
9. "Psycho Suicide" 4:46
10. "Down" (new 2007) 4:38
11. "Vicious" 3:13
12. "Beast Denies" (new 2007) 4:46
13. "Laid to Rest" 5:21
14. "Jesus Saves" 3:38
15. "Dead Men Talk" (new 2007) 5:10
16. "For All Eternity" 4:36
Total length: 1:10:11


  • "Beast Denies" is an early version of "Reality, A New Beginning" from War of Words, but with different lyrics
  • "Dead Men Talk" contains some parts that would later end up in the song "Human Crate" from A Small Deadly Space
  • "Psycho Suicide" would be re-recorded and be featured as a hidden track after a 2 minute silence on "In a World of My Own Making" from A Small Deadly Space


  • Produced by Rob Halford
  • Executive producer – John Baxter
  • Tracks 1–4, 6, 8–10, and 15–16 are multitrack mixes, mixed by Roy Z in 2006
  • Tracks 5, 7, and 11–14 are DAT demos, mixed by Rob Halford in 1992
  • Mastered by Tom Baker
  • Cover illustration/art design – Marc Sasso
  • Booklet layout/additional art – Attila Juhasz
  • Photography – Neil Zlozower, William Hames, John Baxter