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Kaki Bukit (Chinese : 加基武吉 Jia Ji Wu Ji in Mandarin) is a small town in Perlis, Malaysia. It has an estimated population of 3,000. Kaki Bukit is located 16 miles north of the state capital, Kangar and a few miles away from Padang Besar, the boundary of between Thailand and Malaysia.

A place of interest in Kaki Bukit is Gua Kelam. Gua Kelam has been carved out from limestone massif by an underground stream over many eons and it was also a pathway to transport tin ore from Wan Tangga Valley since the British colonial period until the 1970s.

Besides, Kaki Bukit also famous for its local food such as: Kaya Puff, Kaya Pao and various kinds of Baozi, Lo mai gai (a mixture of chicken meat and pork with glutinous rice) and lots of local desserts at Chiong Hin Coffee Shop (重兴茶餐室 Chop Chiong Hin)

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Coordinates: 6°15′54″N 100°12′00″E / 6.265°N 100.200°E / 6.265; 100.200