Kaki Bukit Single Member Constituency

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Kaki Bukit Single Member Constituency (Traditional Chinese: 加基武吉單選區;Simplified Chinese: 加基武吉单选区) is a former single member constituency in Bedok, Singapore; carved from Kampong Chai Chee division in prior to 1980 elections and was absorbed into the Eunos GRC on 1988 elections.

Since then, it has been a ward for several Group Representation Constituencies, namely, Aljunied GRC, East Coast GRC and Marine Parade GRC on top of Eunos GRC when that ward was dissolved in 1997 elections.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Constituency Abolished (1988 – ) Presently, it is a ward of Aljunied Group Representation Constituency.

Candidates and results[edit]

Elections in 1980s[edit]

General Election 1984: Kaki Bukit
Party Candidate Votes % ±
PAP Chew Heng Ching 10,229 52.28 -20.04
SUF Tan Chee Kien 9,336 47.72 +47.32
Turnout 16,764 96.4 -20.04
PAP hold Swing -7.21

Note: Tan Chee Kien was offered an auxiliary NCMP seat [1] after Madai Puthan Damodaran Nair, a Workers' Party candidate in Jalan Kayu SMC had declined the offered NCMP seat despite garnered 48.78% of the votes,[2] but he had declined as well. This election is the first election to implement NCMP scheme, and also the only election where the opposition had declined the NCMP seat. Til date, NCMP scheme is one of the scheme that the opposition had crtizied of because a NCMP does not get the majority support from a particular constituency and various restrictions were imposed on them. This means Tan had the second highest share of the opposition votes, but failed to win the seat.

General Election 1980: Kaki Bukit
Party Candidate Votes % ±
PAP Saidi bin Shariff 14,550 72.32
PKMS Ibrahim bin Ariff 4,072 20.24
United People's Front Atim bin Ismail 1,496 7.44
Turnout 20,666 96.9
PAP win (new seat)

See also[edit]

NCMP, where a scheme is criticized by the oppositions even til date.