Kamran Diba

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Kamran Diba
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, by Kamran Diba in 1977.

Kamran Diba (Persian: کامران ديبا‎, born 5 March 1937[1]) is a prominent Iranian architect, residing in Paris, France.[2]

He is famous for designing the new campus of Jondishapur University in Ahvaz, the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art,[1] and the Niavaran Cultural Center in Tehran.

He was a visiting scholar at Cornell University.

He is a cousin of Farah Pahlavi, former queen of Iran.[3]

Kamran Diba was also an artist, although the number of works he did seems to be small. He attended Howard University in Washington, DC and did art for the renowned "Blackie" Auger, who was famous for his chain of restaurants and real estate fortune.


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