Kanchan Rup

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Kanchan Rup
कञ्चन रूप नगरपालिका
Kanchan Rup is located in Nepal
Kanchan Rup
Kanchan Rup
Location in Nepal
Coordinates: 26°38′N 86°55′E / 26.64°N 86.91°E / 26.64; 86.91Coordinates: 26°38′N 86°55′E / 26.64°N 86.91°E / 26.64; 86.91
Country    Nepal
Zone Sagarmatha Zone
District Saptari District
Population (2010)
 • Total 10,000(apx.)
Time zone NST (UTC+5:45)
Postal code 56404
Area code(s) 031

Kanchan Rup is a Municipality in Saptari District in the Sagarmatha Zone of south-eastern Nepal. This municipality was formed on 18 May 2014 by merging nine villages around it i.e. Baramjhiya, Badgama, Theliya, Jagatpur, Kanchanpur, Pipra (Purba), Rupnagar, Dharmpur and Ghoghanpur.[1][2] The office of the municipality is set-up at Kanchanpur Barrier.

At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 6007.[3]

Dispute over the Nomenclature[edit]

Kanchapur being the central and developed part of the municipality where Barrier(now Beriyar), Main market, Hatiya and all major government offices are included. People from kanchanpur (then VDC) have attempted to name the municipality KANCHANPUR. Since this municipality was formed on 18 May 2014 by merging nine villages around it those areBaramjhiya, Badgama, Theliya, Jagatpur, Kanchanpur, Pipra (Purba), Rupnagar, Dharmpur and Ghoghanpur, people from Rupnagar agigated by the decision once made to name it Kanchanpur. Though other eight villages which were also merged and have very equal contribution in development and land area as that of Rupnagar hadn't have anything to do with naming hence did not take part in the movement to change the name of the municipality. Once for a while, the municipality was named as Rupkanchan. The controversy started as the Rupkanchan was attempted to put on. Many believe that the influence of people from Rupnagar to higher designation in several ministries and departments was the main cause for the controversy to come into existence. Later, huge pressure and attempts from the public of kanchanpur got the name changed from Rupkanchan to Kanchanrup. The people believe justice has been done to some extent.


The Rise of Shree Sarvodaya Higher Secondary School[edit]

Shree Sarvodaya Higher Secondary School(Est. BS 2012) has a very interesting story of it's establishment by the then king of Nepal himself. The school had been running for years even before BS 2004. The main turnaround took place in the year BS 2012 during the visit of then king Mahendra. When the king Mahendra reached kanchanpur, people gathered there started lying on the road by which the king had to travel. They were ready to put on their lives to get addressed by the king. Enthusiasm of public took the King Mahendra by surprise and he tried to get views from public. He came to know the original wish of the people to get a well furnished High School established. The only sentence he delivered was 'मिडील स्कूल भयो' ( Secondary school to be constructed). On the same day in the evening, Radio Nepal broadcast the news that the king had ordered to construct a middle school as soon as possible at kanchanpur. It took everyone by surprise thinking how rapidly the king had reacted upon this. In this way, the first ever Higher secondary school of the district Saptari had been established. The 10+2 wing of school has four streams viz. Science, Humanity, Art and Education. The school is popular for enormous admission and quality education provided continuously for decades.The present Headmaster of the school is Mr. Taranand Mallick.


Boarding schools are:

  1. Gita gyan kunja, Barmajhiya
  2. Daffodil Secondary English School, Kanchanpur
  3. Little Flower English boarding school, Rupnagar
  4. Balbodh English boarding school, Kanchanpur
  5. Peace Angel's English boarding school, Kanchanpur
  6. Motherland English Boarding School, Kanchanpur
  7. Children Model School, Barrier
  8. Everest English Boarding School, Baramjhiya

National People College is the 1st TU Affiliated college at Masters Level. The College provides Study Platform for MBS (1st Private College of Saptari) MA-SOCIOLOGY, BBS, BA-Sociology, RD.


  • Bhajneshwar Mahadev, Baluwa[disambiguation needed]- One of the historical temple where the statue of this temple was found by one of the poor tharu farmer on his field.
  • Vishnu Mandir, Rupnagar- One of the popular religious site of Nepal. The temple is made up of stones and marbles. This temple is situated about 1 km south from the East-West Highway.
  • Shiv Mandir,Kanchanpur
  • Dharmeshor, Dharampur


The Chandra Nahar Canal was the first canal of Nepal which was established by one of the Rana PM of Nepal. The Chandra Shumsher J.B.R.. It is lies towards the north eastern part of Saptari. This canal is originated from Triyuga river at a place called Fattepur recently lies in Saptakoshi Municipality. Chandra Canal was constructed by chief engineer, Dilli Jung Thapa who is the first engineer of Nepal who studied engineering from Roorkee University.Coordinates of Chandra Canal: 26°35'21"N 86°50'46"E

Cities near to Kanchanrup Municipality include Triyuga, Fattepur, Rajbiraj Bhardah, Rampur


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