Karakalpak Autonomous Oblast

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Kara-Kalpak Autonomous Oblast
Кара-Калпакская автономная область
Autonomous oblast of the Russian SFSR


Capital Turtkul
Historical era Interwar period
 •  Established 19 February 1925
 •  Disestablished 20 March 1932

Karakalpak Autonomous Oblast was created on February 19, 1925 by separating lands of the ethnic Karakalpaks from the Turkestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and Khorezm People's Soviet Republic.

Initially located within the Kazakh Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, the Karakalpak A.O. was transferred to the RSFSR from July 20, 1930 to March 20, 1932, at which time it was elevated to the Karakalpak Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic ("Karakalpak ASSR"). The Karakalpak ASSR was joined to the Uzbek SSR from December 5, 1936.

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