Karasburg Constituency

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former Karasburg constituency (yellow) in the ǁKaras Region (dark grey) of southern Namibia

Karasburg was a constituency in the ǁKaras Region of Namibia, with a population of 16,000. The main towns were Karasburg and Grünau; other populated places included Warmbad and Aussenkehr, and the border settlements of Ariamsvlei and Noordoewer. The Orange River formed part of the southern border of this constituency.[1]

Economic activities in this constituency were mainly small-stock farming, and near the Orange River, grape production.[1]

In 2013, the constituency was divided into two: Karasburg East and Karasburg West[2]


In the 2010 regional elections, SWAPO's Paulus Ephraim won the constituency with 1,577 votes. He defeated challengers was Desmund Desiderius Andreas of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (839 votes) and Irene Margaret Loberloth of the Democratic Party of Namibia (364 votes).[3]


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Coordinates: 28°01′S 18°45′E / 28.017°S 18.750°E / -28.017; 18.750