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Karumadikkuttan (Malayalam: കരുമാടിക്കുട്ടൻ) is the nickname of a Buddha statue found in Karumady near Alappuzha, Kerala, India.[1] The name literally means boy from Karumady. This 3 feet tall, black granite statue,[2] believed to be old as 9th to 14th century, was abandoned for centuries in a nearby stream named "Karumady thodu". Later in 1930s, Sir Robert Bristow, a colonial British engineer found the statue,[3] and did appropriate actions to protect it. Currently the statue is under the protection of Kerala state government. Left side of the statue is missing. The statue is a subject of historical debate as the reason for its partial destruction is still elusive.

Dalai Lama has visited Karumadi in 1965.[3]

Karumadikkuttan stupa

As per travancore state manual the idol of Karumadikkuttan is of Jain Theerthankara . The style of idol is of Jain idol style.


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