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Kasetsart University Laboratory School Center for Educational Research and Development
KUS logo.png
Chatuchak, Bangkok
Type Public, Laboratory
Motto Intelligence, endurance, steadfastness and morality lead practitioners to success
Established April 22, 1971
Principal Asst. Prof. Sasitorn Jangpakorn
Faculty 507[1]
Grades 1-12
Number of students 4768[1]
School color(s) Purple and Green

Kasetsart University Laboratory School Center for Educational Research and Development (Thai: โรงเรียนสาธิตแห่งมหาวิทยาลัยเกษตรศาสตร์ ศูนย์วิจัยและพัฒนาการศึกษา; rtgsRong-rian sathit haeng mahawitthayalaikasetsat sunwichai lae phatthanakansueksa), informally known as Satit Kaset (Thai: สาธิตเกษตร; rtgsSathit Kaset), is a well-known laboratory school in Bangkok, Thailand, operated under the auspices of Faculty of Education, Kasetsart University. The school is located in Bang Khen Campus.


Kasetsart University Laboratory School was established on April 22, 1971 as the field base for the students of the Faculty of Education, under John Dewey's principle "The conception underlying the school is that of a laboratory ... It has two main purposes: (1) to exhibit, test, vertify and criticize theoretical statements and principles, (2) to add to the sum of facts and principles in its special line.". The founder and first principal was Prof. Dr Ubol Reangsuwan. The school provides elementary, junior, and high school education. It also has the International Program and the Multi-Lingual Program. The enrollment of students is officially done only in Grade 1, but it is known that there are some minor enrollments in Grade 7 and 10. The students with special needs including autism and hyperactivity, are accepted into the special program.[2]

International Program[edit]

The International Program of Kasetsart University Laboratory School was first provided in 1994. It was the result of the government's plan to develop the English skill of Thai people. The International Program, sometimes referred as Satit Kaset IP, was the first public international school in Thailand. The program is run in the same area as the normal program. In the IP, most classes are taught in English, except Thai language, Buddhism (for Grades 7-12), Thai Music, D. Skills (Grades 7-12), Chinese (Grades 7-12), HPE or Health and Social Culture (Grades 1-6).

Multi-Lingual Program[edit]

The Multi-Lingual Program (Thai: โครงการพหุภาษา) was initiated in 2000. Unlike the IP, subjects in this program are taught in Thai, same as the normal program, but the students of this program have to choose the "third language";Chinese or Japanese, in Grade 4. The program has its own campus in Amatanakorn Industrial Park, Chonburi, 28 kilometers from Si Racha campus of Kasetsart University.


The school's grade 1 admission qualification, which is conducted every summer, is problematic. The school indicates in the admission bulletins that 2/5 of the 260 enrollments is from the school's test, along with 2/5 and 1/5 from the university officers quota and "benevolent" parents quota respectively. However, it is widely believed that there are "pulled" students and the real portion of "examination passers" is less than indicated.


Noted alumni include:

  • Bhumi Jensen, a grandson of King Bhumibol Adulyadej
  • Chakraphop Phenkhae, television host, former government spokesperson
  • Khemanit Jamikorn, nicknamed "Pancake", Model of the World 2004 winner, actress
  • Nanthana Boonlong, singer, vocal trainer
  • Wachara Parn-eam, singer, actor
  • Wasu sangsingkaew, Diplomat, singer, actor


  • The school adopted the logo of the university, Phra Pirun Song Nak (Thai:พระพิรุณทรงนาค, Varuna on the Naga), as the school emblem. The difference is that the school version does not have the surrounding circle.
  • The school colors are purple and green. Purple is the color of the university's Faculty of Education, and green is the color of the university.
  • The school's "purple-skirt" uniform is quite unique and well-known, since most schools in Thailand use blue or black uniform. It also created the nickname Satit Krapong Muang (Thai:สาธิตกระโปรงม่วง, Purple-skirt Satit).
  • The school is one of the few schools in Thailand to use the term 'laboratory school' in their English name, after John Dewey's laboratory school. The other Satit schools prefer the term 'demonstration school', the direct translation of satit (Thai: สาธิต).
  • There is also a school in the university's Kamphaeng Saen campus named Kasetsart University Laboratory School Kamphaeng Saen Campus Center for Educational Research and Development. It is up to the Faculty of Education at Kamphaeng Saen and considered different school, despite its connections with the Bang Khen one, similar name, uniforms, emblem, and anthem.

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