Kashima Power Station

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Kashima Power Station
Kashima Power Station is located in Japan
Kashima Power Station
Location of Kashima Power Station in Japan
Country Japan
Location Kamisu, Ibaraki
Coordinates 35°52′47″N 140°41′22″E / 35.87972°N 140.68944°E / 35.87972; 140.68944Coordinates: 35°52′47″N 140°41′22″E / 35.87972°N 140.68944°E / 35.87972; 140.68944
Status Operational
Commission date 1971
Owner(s) Tepco
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Fuel oil
city gas
Type Steam turbine
Power generation
Units operational 2 × 1,000 MW
4 × 600 MW
3 × 268 MW
Nameplate capacity 5,204 MW
Planned: 5,648 MW

Kashima Power Station (鹿島火力発電所, Kashima karyokuhatsudensho?) is a large oil-fired and gas-fired power station in Kamisu, Ibaraki, Japan. The facility operates with an installed capacity of 5,204 MW. Power is generated by two turbines rated at 1,000 MW, four turbines rated at 600 MW.[1] and three gas turbines rated at 268 MW. Gas turbines are being upgraded to combined cycle turbines, which will be rated at 416 MW, the upgrade is expected to be completed in 2014.[2]

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