Kasumi (song)

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Deg kasumi.jpg
Single by Dir en grey
from the album Vulgar
Released April 23, 2003
Recorded ON AIR Azabu, Stuido Fine, CATS studio, Studio Greenbird (1,2)
Yokohama Arena (3)
Length 13:56
Label Firewall Div.
Producer(s) Dir En Grey
Dir en grey singles chronology
"Drain Away"
"The Final"

"Kasumi" (かすみ?) is a single released by Dir en grey on April 23, 2003. It features a live recording of "umbrella", the same which also appears on the Rettou Gekishin Angya video. This single is the last Dir en grey release to feature individual credits for the music.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Kyo.

No. Title Music Length
1. "Kasumi" (かすみ) Kaoru 4:19
2. "Fukai" (腐海) Shinya 5:20
3. "umbrella [LIVE]" ( Live take at YOKOHAMA ARENA, January 11, 2003) Shinya 4:15