Kawachi Genji

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Kawachi Genji
Parent house Seiwa Genji
Titles Shogun
Various others
Founder Minamoto no Yorinobu
Final ruler Minamoto no Sanetomo
Founding year 10th century
Dissolution 1219
Ruled until 1219, Minamoto no Sanetomo assassinated
Cadet branches Satake clan
Hiraga clan
Takeda clan

The Kawachi Genji (河内源氏) were members of a family line within that of the Seiwa Genji, which in turn was one of several branches of the Minamoto clan, one of the most famous noble clans in Japanese history. Descended from Minamoto no Yorinobu (968-1048), the Kawachi Genji included Minamoto no Yoshiie (1041–1108), who fought in the Zenkunen War and Gosannen War, and common ancestor of nearly all the major Minamoto generals of the Genpei War from which the Minamoto are famous.


Note: Each degree of indentation indicates a father-son relationship.

(*)= During 1219 as Shogunate Minamoto Sanetomo was last head of Minamoto clan of Japan after his nephew Minamoto Kugyo - son of Yoriie - killed his uncle Sanemoto then will commit suicide himself. Also other nephew Ichiman - who was Yoriie's son. In 1203? he was executed on Hōjō's orders.


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