Kennedia nigricans

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Black Kennedia
Glen Forrest Kennedia nigricans.jpg
Scientific classification
K. nigricans
Binomial name
Kennedia nigricans

Caulinia nigricans (Lindl.) F.Muell.

Kennedia nigricans (Black Kennedia or Black Coral Pea) is a species of flowering plant in the family Fabaceae, endemic to the south-west of Western Australia.

It is a vigorous climber which can spread up to 6 metres in diameter or 4 metres in height and has dark green leaflets that are about 15 cm long.[1][2] Distinctive black and yellow pea flowers are produced between July and November in its native range.[2][3]

The species was first formally described as Kennedya nigricans by John Lindley in 1835 in Edward's Botanical Register, where it was also labelled as Dingy Flowered Kennedya.[4]

A cultivar known as Kennedia nigricans 'Minstrel' was registered with the Australian Cultivar Registration Authority by Goldup Nursery of Mount Evelyn, Victoria in September 1985. This cultivar was selected from a batch of seedlings in 1983 and has a pale colouration instead of the yellow, which appears almost white.[5]


This plant is noted for its vigour and can be used to cover embankments or unsightly structures.[1] The species is adapted to a range of soils and prefers a sunny position.[2][3] It is resistant to drought and has some frost tolerance.[2] The species can be propagated by scarified seed or cuttings of semi-mature growth, while the cultivar requires propagation from cuttings to remain true to type.[2][5]


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