Kent North

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Kent North
Kent North cropped.jpg
Kent North
Born Ben Gray
December 27, 1971
Kent, England
Died July 4, 2007(2007-07-04) (aged 35)
Nationality British
Occupation Actor
Partner(s) Lloyd North

Kent North (27 December 1971 – 4 July 2007) was a gay pornographic film actor. His real name was Ben Grey.[1]

Kent North was born in Kent, England and worked in the UK and the US gay pornographic industry for Alphamale Media and Hothouse Entertainment. He died on 4 July 2007 in London as a result of suicide by drug overdose,[1][2] using crystal meth.[3]


GayVN Awards 2007

Grabby Awards 2007

Grabby Awards 2008

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