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Goodmorning Keokaradang (6830453822).jpg
Highest point
Elevation986 m (3,235 ft)
Prominence400 m (1,300 ft) [1]
Isolation13 kilometres (8.1 mi)
ListingList of mountains of Bangladesh
Coordinates21°56′59″N 92°30′51″E / 21.94972°N 92.51417°E / 21.94972; 92.51417Coordinates: 21°56′59″N 92°30′51″E / 21.94972°N 92.51417°E / 21.94972; 92.51417
Keokradong is located in Bangladesh
Location in Bangladesh, near the border with Myanmar
LocationRuma, Bandarban
Mountain typeMountain
View seen from the top of Keokradong.

Keokradong is a peak located in Bandarban, Bangladesh, with an elevation of 986 metres (3,235 ft).[2] Some sources claim it as the highest point of Bangladesh.

On the top of Keokradong there is a small shelter and a signboard put up by Bangladesh Army proclaiming the elevation to be 967 metres (3,173 ft).

Height measured by handheld GPS shows it is 986 metres (3,235 ft) with 3m accuracy.[3]

There is a controversy about the highest point of Bangladesh, and some sources indicate Saka Haphong as the most elevated peak of the country.[4]

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