Khanpur Ghati

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Full Name : Gram Panchayat Khanpur Ghati

Languages Spoken : Mewati, Urdu, Hindi

Population : Around 2200 people

Tehsil : Firozpur Jhirka

Block : Nagina

District : Nuh (Mewat)

Post Office : Khanpur Ghati

PinCode : 122508

Police Station : Pinangwan

Households : Around 900 houses

Sarpanch : Naseema w/o Saifuddin

Coordinates : 27°54'23.93"N, 77°04'50.00"E

Khanpur Ghati is a village located in Mewat district in the state of Haryana, India. It has a population of about 2200 living in about 894 households. It is about 100 km away from New Delhi,30 km away from Dist. Headquarter Nuh, 1  km away from Pinangwan and 11.02 km away from its sub-Tehsil Nagina. Its coordinates are 27°54'23.93"N, 77°04'50.00"E. Khanpur Ghati is also a part of National Capital Region of Delhi (NCR), Situated at Major District Road 131 of Haryana.

Khanpur Ghati is located on a beautiful location under the Hill from Aravali Group. The village has a no. of natural resources. Aravali Hills are located on the east side of the village and on the west side there is a canal named Banarasi Canal. Behind the Aravali Hills there is a small desert ( soil like deserts ), But there is access of water. The Village has 1st VITA Industry - Milk Chilling Center Khanpur Ghati on the map of Mewat, 1st Girls Residential Mewat Model School which is managed by Anju Ma'am. Largest and well decorated water supply in Mewat, Yamuna Water Purification plant etc. are the current working projects in the village. The ISRO group of Indian Scientist have positive sign of curd/ liquid petroleum in Village and surroundings, due to which they make boring system again and again here.

  The Village have two parts -  1. Village      2. Colony - The New Residential Area.

98% population of the village are MEO (Muslim). The Khanpurians belong to the "Chiraklaut Gaut" (local caste system) and the role model for Chiraklaut's is the late "Dada Bahad" who fought against the King Akbar for Mewaties. The village is the second-largest educated village in Mewat. There are a no. of well known personalities in the village those gave or giving their service at high level posts like Home Minister in Haryana Govt., Delhi Police, DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation), Haryana Police, Haryana Wakf Board, Banks, Doctors, Fishries Dept of Haryana, Teachers etc. in the Govt. Sector. In Islamic a number of Molvi's, Hafiz's are in the Village. On the other hand, in Private sector there are a number of Engineers like - Software Engg., Automation Engg, Electronics Engg., Mechanical Engg, Civil Engg and in medical line.There are some private sectors employees who work in foreign countries to support the village economy development with their hard earned money. there are many students those are studying in MBBS,MBA,BDS,M.A.B.E.d, D-Pharma, B-Pharma etc. and some Doctors are already working and providing their services for country.

 The oldest and beautiful Mosque is located on the top of the Aravali Hills and just up on Ghati of the Village. There are two old minars on the hill from ancient time.