Kharnang Monastery

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Kharnang monastery
Kharnang Monastery is located in Sichuan
Kharnang Monastery
Kharnang Monastery
Location within Sichuan
Coordinates 32°58′18″N 100°04′41″E / 32.97167°N 100.07806°E / 32.97167; 100.07806Coordinates: 32°58′18″N 100°04′41″E / 32.97167°N 100.07806°E / 32.97167; 100.07806
Monastery information
Location Lhobasha, Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, China
Type Tibetan Buddhist

Kharnang monastery is a Buddhist monastery situated at a close distance to the northwest of Lhobasha village which is to the east and at 4-hours drive by horse to the city of Karze (Garzê) in the Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan, China, located in the historical Tibetan region of Kham.[1]


The monastery comprised 450 monks including lamas in the 1950.[2]

In 1955, persecutions by the Chinese authorities that invaded Tibet started in Kharnang monastery, leading some monks to commit suicide.[3]

In 1979, Adhe Tapontsang, a former Tibetan prisoner released in 1985 and now living in exile in Dharamsala, was allowed to visit her native place for two weeks, discovered that the Kharnang monastery, as well as Karze Day-tshal monastery and De Gonpo Temple was completely destroyed and plundered, sometime during the Cultural Revolution.[4]

Shenphen Rinpoche, born 10 January 1969 in France has been recognised as a tulku of Lama Gendun Rabgye, from Kharnang Monastery.[5][6]