Khrushchev dough

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Khrushchev dough
Type Dough
Main ingredients Flour
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Khrushchev dough (Russian: хрущёвское тесто) was the result of introducing flour rationing in the Soviet Union after a crop failure, which led to the food irregularities in 1963, under Nikita Khrushchev.[1][clarification needed] Products made from the Khrushchev dough were called Khrushchev loaves[1] or Khrushchev pies. The Khrushchev pie was made by extracting the pulp out of a loaf of wheat bread, injecting filling, and baking in an oven.[1] In 1963–1964, that pie became common on New Year tables.[1] The color of the Khrushchev loaves in Leningrad was nearly blue.[1] In some recipes from Runet, the dough was supposed to be long-lasting.


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