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OriginUnited States
GenresIndustrial rock[1]
Years active1998–2004
LabelsRed Sleeve Music, Extasy Records, Warner Bros.
MembersFree Dominguez
Bruce Somers
Past membersChris Schleyer
Christian Dorris
Sean Sellers

Kidneythieves are an American industrial rock band, founded in 1998, led by Free Dominguez (vocals) and Bruce Somers (guitar/engineering).


In 1998, Kidneythieves released their first single, "S+M (A Love Song)," as well as their first album, Trickster.[2] They followed up their initial releases with the remix EP Phi in the Sky in 2001, and their second album Zerøspace in 2002.[1] The album's title track was released as a single. Their song "Before I'm Dead" was featured in the 2002 film Queen of the Damned. In 2004, they re-released Trickster as Trickstereprocess, with digitally remastered tracks, five bonus tracks and a bonus DVD. After the release of Trickstereprocess, Free Dominguez went on to create an indie project while Bruce Somers created the band ShockNina[citation needed].

In January 2007, Dominguez sent out a newsletter via email stating that she and Somers were collaborating once again on brand new Kidneythieves material.[citation needed] Mid-2010 saw the release of their long-awaited third album, Trypt0fanatic. In 2011 Kidneythieves released a 5-track EP, The Invisible Plan. (Both Trypt0fanatic & The Invisible Plan are only available on CD through the band's official website store, also including a pre-order bonus track for each release).

In December 2015, the band launched a Kickstarter to fund their new album, The Mend.


Studio albums[edit]

EPs and special editions[edit]

Live albums[edit]

  • Kidneythieves Live in Chicago 2002 (2002)

Track Listing

  1. Take a Train (Intro)
  2. Black Bullet
  3. Taxicab Messiah
  4. Before I'm Dead
  5. Crazy
  6. Glitter Girl
  7. Zerospace
  8. Dyskrasia
  9. Before I'm Dead Acoustic
  10. Red & Violet


  • S+M (A Love Song) (1998)
  • Zerospace (2002)
  • Freeky People (2010)

Media appearances[edit]

Soundtrack contributions[edit]

  • "Before I'm Dead"

Television series[edit]

  • "S&M (a Love Song)" in Episode 10, Marker 262
  • "Black Bullet" in Episode 1, Meat the Parents
  • "Arsenal" in Episode 209 (Season 2, Episode 09), Bait
  • "Taxicab Messiah" in Season 2, Episode 2, Mild Mannered

Video games[edit]

Selected songs from the album Trickster were featured in Deus Ex: Invisible War. They are performed in-game by fictional pop-star "NG Resonance", voiced by the lead vocalist, Free Dominguez.

The band collaborated with Takeharu Ishimoto on the song God in Fire, from the soundtrack to Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. In 2013, Free Dominguez sang on the soundtrack to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on the track A Stranger I Remain (Maniac Agenda Mix).

Guest appearances and collaborations[edit]

Free Dominguez has contributed vocals to the third Conjure One album, Exilarch on the song "Run For Cover", as well as on Beat Ventriloquists EP, Goodnight Memory on the song "Unfolding", and will collaborate with them again on their forthcoming debut album. In 2004, Free's vocals were also featured on a number of songs, including "Geisha Superfly", "War of Love", "Invisible", "Kickstand" & "Rhinestone Halo" which she wrote for "The Insider project", a joint venture project with Matt "Dr." Fink of The Revolution and DJ Insider. Free's backing vocals can be heard on Zeromancer's album, Clone Your Lover on songs "Flirt (with Me)" & "Houses Of Cards". She sang the latter live on stage with Zeromancer in Germany. Free also fronted for Conjure One in Germany around the same time, then performed again with them in London shortly afterwards. (May 2010). Free Dominguez was featured on KMFDM's 2011 album, WTF?!, on the song, "Take It Like A Man". Aside from collaborations, Free has released solo material, the first being her debut album, "freedoming", which is currently Sold Out. A music video, "Questions & Lies" was made too which sounded different from the album version being more upbeat, titled "Questions & Lies (With Drums)" later being released as part of the iTunes exclusive "Freedoming - EP". For her second solo effort she recorded mkmkmlllany songs, which were to be released on the album, "Core: A Zone", which was postponed due to kidneythieves being brought back together, and has since been unreleased, however in 2006 Free released a taster of the album in the form of the 5-track "Core: A Zone - EP". Free also recorded a cover of "Heart Of Gold" during this time. In late 2011 and early 2012 Free performed solo gigs, as well as opening for Jimmy Gnecco. Free sent out newsletters indicating that her third solo album, "Volcano + The Sea" would get a Spring 2012 release, delighting many fans worldwide. Also she had been planning on repackaging a selection of songs from her first two solo records for sometime, and finally announced an early 2012 release for them.

Bruce Somers has been working with the band Good Charlotte on their live production for their current world tour. Bruce mastered the latest releases from Richard Patrick's band "Filter" as well as the latest CD's by Rob Zombie guitarist John 5. Bruce composed the music for "Coming Up Roses," a new film featuring Bernadette Peters. The feature was directed by Lisa Albright. Look for a theatrical release in 2011. Bruce recently composed the music for the 27th Northrop Grumman National Space Symposium.


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