Kilton, Nottinghamshire

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Kilton is a large suburban area located in the North-East of Worksop in Nottinghamshire, consisting of series of large Post-World War II housing estates, some of which are Council Estates.

The suburb was, since the late nineteenth century, home to Kilton Hospital, which was, along with Victoria Hospital, located on Memorial Avenue in Worksop, one of the town's main hospitals. The Hospital survived until the late 1980s, at a time when it chiefly dealt with maternity. Today the surviving main building, with its fabulous yellow brick facade, and Stag frieze in its pediment, has been incorporated into Bassetlaw Hospital, which is located just behind it, and now used as the administration block.

Coordinates: 53°18′47″N 1°06′32″W / 53.313°N 1.109°W / 53.313; -1.109