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Kincaidston is a housing scheme in the town of Ayr in South Ayrshire, Scotland.

The estate was built in the 1970s, most of the streets are named after flowers for example, Celandine Bank and Honeysuckle Park and Speedwell Square, whilst Kincaidston Drive is the only one which is not and is the main road which runs right around the scheme. The estate is home to a Primary/Nursery School and a Community Pavilion adjoined to the local Bowling club, as well as a Spar shop, a church, youth cafe and several vacant units at the Cornhill Shopping Centre and a GP Surgery and LloydsPharmacy at the Bankfield Medical Practice.

The Annfield Burn also flows through the scheme at the North side and is sometimes considered the boundary between Kincaidston and Belmont although the correct boundary is the houses on Burnbank Road, which are in Belmont, the Railway line between Ayr and Stranraer is the boundary with Laigh Glengall in Alloway at the West, the Dalmellington Road is the boundary to the East and the A77 to the South.

Prior to development, Kincaidston was a farm on the outskirts of Ayr and can be seen on old OS maps. During World War II a Sopwith Camel crashed at the farm killing the pilot, Captain Victor George Anderson Bush, who had been based at No.1 School of Aerial Fighting at Turnberry.

Although the housing estate was built in share between Kyle and Carrick District Council and Digital Equipment Corporation for workers houses for a nearby factory development, the estate remains partly in council hands (now South Ayrshire Council) although many of the houses are now privately owned.