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KingsIsle Entertainment Games
Industry Video game
Founded February 2005
Founder Elie Akilian
Headquarters Austin, Texas and Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.
Key people
J. Todd Coleman, Co-Creator of Wizard101
Josef Hall, Co-Creator of Wizard101
Products Wizard101 and Pirate101

KingsIsle Entertainment is a video game developer based in Austin and Dallas, Texas, launched in February 2005. Perhaps the best known of the company's recruits are Tom Hall, co-founder of id Software and Ion Storm and J. Todd Coleman, co-founder of Wolfpack Studios. Coleman and Tom Hall have since left KingsIsle Entertainment. The business' primary focus is creating family online games.

KingsIsle’s kid safe games have been honored with awards from the National Parenting Publication, Beckett Massive Online Gamer Magazine, and[1][2][3]

To date, KingsIsle has produced two online games, Wizard101, a card-battling MMO featuring wizards in a fantasy world, and the recently released Pirate101, which takes place within the same universe as Wizard101. KingsIsle has also produced KIFreeGames (a games website with a few Wizard101 games) Wizardblox, and Grub Guardian (Their apps for the iPhone). Its second game, Pirate101 won game of the year MMO.[1]

Games Released[edit]

Year Title Platform
2008 Wizard101 PC
2012 Pirate101 PC
2012 Grub Guardian Mobile/Browser
2015 Rise and Destroy Mobile
2016 AlphaCat Mobile

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