Kisses of Fire

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"Kisses of Fire" is a song recorded by Swedish pop group ABBA, released on their 1979 album Voulez-Vous.

Production and release[edit]

An American band called Foxy laid down the backing tracks to what eventually became "Kisses of Fire" and "If It Wasn't for the Nights". It is uncertain how much of these early recordings were retained.[1]

"Kisses of Fire" was released as the B-side to the single "Does Your Mother Know" in April 1979, shortly before the release of the Voulez-Vous album.[1]

Critical reception[edit]

Abba - Uncensored on the Record explains "'Kisses of Fire", sounded much more like the ABBA everyone knew and loved, and was much more recognisably ABBA, although its insistent disco beat was possibly overplayed to an extent".[1]


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