Knives (Babylon 5)

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Babylon 5 episode
B5 Knives 1.jpg
Sheridan gives a creature a lift
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 17
Directed by Stephen L. Posey
Written by Lawrence G. DiTillio
Production code 216
Original air date May 17, 1995
Guest appearance(s)

Carmen Argenziano (Urza Jaddo)
William Forward (Lord Refa)

Episode chronology
← Previous
"In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum"
Next →
"Confessions and Lamentations"
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"Knives" is an episode from the second season of the science fiction television series Babylon 5.


Londo Mollari reunites with an old friend, Urza Jaddo. Urza knows that soon he and his house will be declared enemy of the Republic and asks Londo to help him and his family. Londo talks to Lord Refa and asks him not to prosecute Urza. However, when Urza realises that, he becomes angry: it was Refa who ordered Urza's prosecution. Urza challenges Londo to the Morago, a ritual combat using Coutari, Centauri swords. Londo accepts the challenge, even though he could never beat Urza with the Coutari, because refusal would bring disgrace on his family. In the fight Mollari kills Jaddo and feels remorse for it. Later, Vir tries to console him by telling him that Urza would have killed him. Londo explains that Urza could have killed him at any time, but killing Londo would not have helped his family. In defeating Urza in the Morago, Londo must take Urza's family as part of his own. Because they are now House Mollari, the resolution against house Jaddo cannot harm them.

An alien life form invades Sheridan's body, trying to get home.

Arc significance[edit]

  • First appearance of "the rift" in Sector 14. Sector 14 was where Babylon 4 disappeared and reappeared in "Babylon Squared" (season one). The rift will play a role in "War Without End" (season three).
  • Garibaldi refers to Grey sector as "the triangle" (see Bermuda Triangle) saying that the sector has been a source for strange happenings since the station was built. This sets the stage for the plot of "Grey 17 Is Missing" (season three).
  • Urza Jaddo is known as the "Hero of Gorash". The Gorash system will appear in "The Long, Twilight Struggle".
  • According to the rules of the Morago the winner accepts the house of his opponent as a part of his own.

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