Ko Chen-tung

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Ko Chen-tung
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Background information
Chinese name 柯震東 (traditional)
Chinese name 柯震东 (simplified)
Pinyin Kē Zhèndōng (Mandarin)
Jyutping O1 Zan3 Dung1 (Cantonese)
Birth name 柯家凱
Ko Chia-kai
Origin Republic of China (Taiwan)
Born (1991-06-18) June 18, 1991 (age 26)
Penghu County, Taiwan
Other name(s) Chia-Kai KO
Occupation Actor, singer
Genre(s) Mandopop
Label(s) Sony Music
Years active 2011–present

Ko Chen-tung (born June 18, 1991), also known as Chia-Kai Ko, is a Taiwanese actor and singer. Ko won Best New Actor at the 48th Golden Horse Awards[1] and the 12th Chinese Film Media Awards for his starring role in the film You Are the Apple of My Eye, also his film debut. In November 2011, Ko released his debut studio album Be Yourself.


On August 18, 2014, it was reported that Ko had been arrested on August 14 by the Beijing Police for drug use, along with Jaycee Chan, a Hong Kong actor.[2] Reports from urinalysis has shown positive results for marijuana. Ko had appeared in a 2012 anti-drug advertisement in Taiwan where he and other celebrities declared "I don't use drugs".[3][4] He's set to be released on August 28 and will face another round of interrogations by the Taipei District Prosecutors Office after returning to Taiwan.[5]


Year Film Role Notes
2011 You Are the Apple of My Eye Ko Ching-teng Golden Horse Awards for Best New Actor
Chinese Film Media Awards for Best New Actor
2012 When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep
2013 Machi Action
Tiny Times Gu Yuan
Tiny Times 2 Gu Yuan
Dive in 2013 Ke Dong
2014 Dive in 2014 Ke Dong
Tiny Times 3 Gu Yuan
2015 Tiny Times 4 Gu Yuan His scenes edited out due to his drug use in September, 2014
2016 The Road to Mandalay Ah Guo
2017 A-Choo Wang Yi-zhi

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Album Information Track listing Notes
Be Yourself (有話直說)
  1. "Qing Rang Wo Jixu Xihuan Ni" (請讓我繼續喜歡你; Please Let Me Continue to Like You)
  2. "Qing Bi Wo Ai Ta" (請比我愛她; Please Love Her Better Than I Do)
  3. "You Hua Zhi Shuo" (有話直說; Just Say It)
  4. "Ai Ni Jie Bu Liao" (愛你戒不了; Can't Stop Loving You)
  5. "Ai Jiu Ai" (愛就愛; Just Love)
  6. "Piao Liu Ping" (漂流瓶; Drifting Vase) featuring Michelle Chen
  7. "Zuo You" (左右; Left Right)
  8. "Feng Suo Ni" (封鎖你; Blocking You)
  9. "Be My Baby"
  10. "Bai Shi Zhi Ling" (百式之零; Zero of Hundred)
My Astro Music Awards for Best Newcomer


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