Koman Hydroelectric Power Station

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Komani Hydroelectric Power Station
Ferry Lake Koman.jpg
A ferry on the Drin River
Coordinates42°06′23″N 19°49′37″E / 42.10639°N 19.82694°E / 42.10639; 19.82694Coordinates: 42°06′23″N 19°49′37″E / 42.10639°N 19.82694°E / 42.10639; 19.82694
Construction began1979
Opening date1985
Dam and spillways
Type of damRock-fill dam
ImpoundsDrini River
Height130 m (427 ft)
Length275 m (902 ft)
CreatesKoman Reservoir
Total capacity16,000,000,000 m3 (5.7×1011 cu ft)
Surface area12 km2 (5 sq mi)
Maximum water depth96 m (315 ft)
Power Station
Turbines4 × 150 MW
Installed capacity600 MW

The Koman Hydroelectric Power Station is a large hydroelectric power station, for which a dam on the Drin River was built. The dam is near the settlement of Koman, northern Albania. It is the second of three dams on the Drin River; the Fierza Hydroelectric Power Station upstream, and the Vau i Dejës Hydroelectric Power Station downstream. The dam, 130m tall, was completed in 1985 and the reservoir was filled with water at full capacity in 1986.[1]

Completed in 1986, the power station consists of four turbines of French origin with a nominal capacity of 150 MW each, totalling the installed capacity to 600 MW.[2]

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