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Coordinates: 42°36′8″N 23°17′21″E / 42.60222°N 23.28917°E / 42.60222; 23.28917


Kominite (Bulgarian: Комините, meaning ‘The Chimneys’) is the name of several minor andesite peaks in the Vitosha Mountains near Sofia, Bulgaria. The peaks are situated in the upper valley of the Dragalevska River near the Bay Krastyo tourist site. The peaks are the nearest and most easily accessible climbing area near Sofia, with climbing routes of UIAA categories II to VIII and are 50 to 100 m high. The Kominite peaks are can be reached easily from Dragalevtsi via the Bay Krastyo or the Goli Vrah chair lift stations.

Komini Peak on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named for Kominite.