Kongur Tagh

Coordinates: 38°35′39″N 75°18′48″E / 38.59417°N 75.31333°E / 38.59417; 75.31333
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Kongur Tagh
South face of Kongur Tagh
Highest point
Elevation7,649 m (25,095 ft)[1]
Ranked 37th
Prominence3,585 m (11,762 ft)[1]
Ranked 49th
Isolation240 km (150 mi) Edit this on Wikidata
Coordinates38°35′39″N 75°18′48″E / 38.59417°N 75.31333°E / 38.59417; 75.31333[1]
Kongur Tagh is located in Southern Xinjiang
Kongur Tagh
Kongur Tagh
Location in Xinjiang
LocationAkto County, Xinjiang, China
Parent rangePamir Mountains
First ascent1981 by British team
Easiest routeRock/snow/ice climb

Kongur Tagh or Kongkoerh (Kyrgyz: Коңур Тоо; Uyghur: قوڭۇر تاغ, Коңур Тағ, meaning "Brown Mountain"; Mongolian: Хонгор Таг, (Хонгор/Kongur/Kongur is Mongolian word for the color Mongolians use for Buckskin colored horse) Hongor Tag; simplified Chinese: 公格尔峰; traditional Chinese: 公格爾峰; pinyin: Gōnggé'ěr Fēng; also referred to as Kongur), is the highest peak in the Pamir Mountains, and also the highest mountain wholly within the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China. With an elevation of 7,649 metres (25,095 ft), it is also the highest mountain outside of the Hindu Kush/Karakoram and Himalaya ranges.


Kongur Tagh is within a range called the Kongur Shan (Chinese: 公格尔山; pinyin: Gōnggé'ěr Shān.) Kongur Tagh is located just north of Muztagh Ata and visible from Karakul Lake. Some sources use "Kongur Shan" mistakenly to refer to the peak itself. The Kongur Shan range, including Muztagh Ata, is separated by the major Yarkand River valley from the Kunlun Mountains and thus is included in the "Eastern Pamirs".[2] Kongur Tagh is the highest peak in the Pamirs. Due to its remoteness and being hidden by nearby peaks, Kongur was not discovered by Europeans until 1900. However, the building of the Karakoram Highway from Pakistan to China, which runs past nearby Tashkurgan and Karakul Lake, has now made it more accessible.

Administratively, the Kongur Range is within Akto County.

Climbing history[edit]

The first attempt to climb Kongur Tagh was in 1956 but the party aborted the attempt when it realized it was beyond their abilities[citation needed].

The first ascent of Kongur Tagh was made in 1981 by a British expedition consisting of Chris Bonington, Alan Rouse, Peter Boardman and Joe Tasker.[3]


Kongur Tagh is 7,649 meters high. Some sources list the peak's elevation as 7,719 meters, but this is likely incorrect. The main summit is close enough in height to the 7,625-meter-high northeastern summit that climbers standing on the main summit could not tell which was taller, thus it can not be 7,719 meters high.[4]


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