Korfball at the World Games

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Korfball was introduced as a World Games sport at the 1985 World Games in London.



Games Gold Silver Bronze
1985 London  Netherlands (NED)  Belgium (BEL)  United States (USA)
1989 Karlsruhe  Netherlands (NED)  Belgium (BEL)  West Germany (FRG)
1993 The Hague  Netherlands (NED)  Belgium (BEL)  Germany (GER)
1997 Lahti  Netherlands (NED)  Belgium (BEL)  Taiwan (TWN)
2001 Akita  Netherlands (NED)  Belgium (BEL)  Taiwan (TWN)
2005 Duisburg  Netherlands (NED)  Belgium (BEL)  Czech Republic (CZE)
2009 Kaohsiung  Netherlands (NED)  Belgium (BEL)  Taiwan (TWN)
2013 Cali  Netherlands (NED)  Belgium (BEL)  Taiwan (TWN)

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